1886 Celebrates Four Years With A “Greatest Hits”

Cocktail Menu & New Superior Happy Hour That Sings!

Monday, November 24, 2014 | 10:55 pm

Since 2010, some of the most celebrated bartenders have traveled far-and-wide to Pasadena, for a chance to leave their mark (in the form of a cocktail) on what has become one of Southern California’s most buzzed-about drinking destinations.  Tucked away in what was once a caretaker’s cottage, in the back of The Raymond, 1886 Bar has been at the forefront of the Southern California craft-cocktail movement since its incarnation. Now, to celebrate their four year anniversary, 1886 Bar has rolled out a very special “Greatest Hits” Menu including 13 of their tastiest cocktails ever created here, along with a completely reimagined, expanded and extended Happy Hour!

2014-11-25-Indian-Summer-Fall-740x400-copy“After creating seasonal menus since we opened, we realized we have nearly 200 recipes to choose from.” says barman Peter Lloyd Jones, who moved to LA from Australia in 2010 and join the team in 1886 Bar’s early days. “So as a bar team, we selected our most requested cocktails and decided create a hit-list of the most delicious cocktails spanning the past four years.”

There are some big names responsible for these drinks, including Garrett McKechnie, who now works with Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest of Tello-Demarest Liquid Assets, 1886 Bar’s opening Cocktail Consultancy. McKechnie has a pair of drinks on the list that are quite different from one another: The Therapist (Fall 2011) is a stirred and strong variation of the Rob Roy, with Highland Park Scotch Whiskey, Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth, chocolate bitters and honeyed Drambuie, while the Indian Summer (Fall 2011) combines tequila, lime, watermelon juice, cilantro and jalapeño in a unique refresher served on chile-salted watermelon chunks. “That is one of the most requested drinks we have,” Jones says, “After it went off the menu, people refused to stop ordering it.”

1886 - Flying Lotus Fall 2013 - acuna-hansenresizeThere is also a New York bar legend who makes an appearance on the star-studded list. Audrey Saunders, founder of Manhattan’s famed Pegu Club, created the Earl Grey Martini (Fall 2011) a gin sour made with tea-infused Broker’s Gin, lemon juice and sugar. Other twists on classics on the list include the La Royale (Fall 2013), a Jamaican rum-based Manhattan invented by 1886 barman Greg Gertmenian, a former SLS Beverly Hills alum, and the Lebowski Achiever (Winter 2011), a White Russian-inspired concoction with vodka, crème de cacao, coffee stout and fresh cream created by former 1886 Head Barman, Brady Weise.

Jones’ favorite drink on the new list is the Huckleberry Sour (Winter 2012) by Eder Campos. It is a bourbon sour made with huckleberry jam, fresh lemon and singed rosemary. “This cocktail will wake you up like a teacher smacking your table with a ruler for daydreaming,” he says. “We love and miss Eder around these parts. He makes drinks so effortlessly, and this one really breaks the mold.”

1886 - Sao Paolo Fix Winter 2013 - acuna-hansen resizeWith four years behind the stick at 1886 Bar, it comes as no surprise that Jones himself has a pair of drinks on the list as well. Inspired by a trip to Brazil, the Sao Paolo Fix (Winter 2013) muddles blackberry jam and fresh lime with Brazilian cachaça and tops it with a mist of deeply funky Smith & Cross Rum for a tropical treat. The Flying Lotus (Fall 2013) highlights a cedar-infused bourbon, mixing it with rye whiskey, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup, plus a garnish of a house-made lotus root chip. “The cedar bourbon is so complex and different,” Jones says. “It is a real bartender’s drink”

There are several whiskey drinks on the list, but rye fanatics won’t want to miss out on Gertmenian’s Rye Reverse (Fall 2012), a combo of both Templeton and Rittenhouse 100 with dry vermouth, curacao and a house bitters blend. And brandy fans should order a Walter’s Last Sip (Fall 2012). Concocted by Lacey Murillo, former 1886 bartendress and Tello-Demarest Liquid Assets Associate, it shakes apple brandy with a spiced green-apple shrub and bitters. The drink is served in an ice-cold flask, nestled inside a paper bag with a side of toasted pecans for a fun autumnal experience.

For those days when the warm Santa Ana winds blow the ¡Ay Papi! (Fall 2013) from Jesus Gomez and Saul Soto, will bring an unexpected “cool” factor to your lips with its smoky-sour-sweet mix of tequila, mezcal, honey, lime and tamarind syrup, served on a massive ice cube with chili salt. Or try the ultimate refresher, Wiese’s The American (Fall 2012) a bourbon-lime concoction topped with light and bubbly Kölsch beer. “Brady is known for his vast array of creative beer cocktails, and this particular one is extremely interesting,” Jones says.

1886 - Rye Reverse Fall 2012 - acuna-hansen resizeThe Apple Pie Hot Toddy, a new cocktail sure to round out the Greatest Hits, created by The Raymond Sous Chef Chris Hoey, should come with carolers singing “Home for the Holidays.” A pie crust-infused rye whiskey, gets a jolt of lemon and brown sugar, and is served up piping-hot, topped with a green-apple foam that will leave you feeling like you’ve just tasted the ultimate adults-only version of Grandma’s warm apple pie, fresh from the oven.

On top of all these Greatest Hits, there will be two Daily Cocktails featured for $7.00 during Happy Hour, which has been extended for added delight, being offered from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Tuesdays through Fridays. “Each night, the bartender on duty will design a new cocktail, or will pick a favorite past recipe, like the infamous Smoking Jacket,” Jones says. “You will just have to come in to find out which one it is!”

Happy Hour also offers glasses of wine for $5.00, pints of Maui Brewing Bikini Blonde for $4.00 and 50% off all well drinks.

The Raymond is also celebrating 1886 Bar’s birthday by introducing a superior new Bar Snacks menu, also half-off during Happy Hour. This is not your ordinary selection of peanuts and potato chips: The Raymond’s Executive Chef Tim Guiltinan has created a Bar Menu with 23 items to choose from, including Pork Belly Confit with masa, fresh peaches and a succulent bourbon sauce, Jidori Chicken Wings served alongside house-marinated cucumbers, House-made Cucumber Kimchi, Suckling Pig al Pastor Tacos and Steamed Mussels with spicy “angry lady” sauce and Chinese sausage. Jones’ Happy Hour recommendation? A Black Manhattan (bourbon, Averna and bitters—it’s half-off) on the rocks with the All-American Burger on a house-made bun with a side of tater tots. “I love everything on our Bar Snack Menu. When in a bar, I usually just want a burger, and ours is top-notch and really stands out,” he says.

Stop into 1886 Bar soon to wish them a Happy Birthday while sipping and snacking the night away.  Whether you have been a loyal fan for the past four years, or you are just coming to discover 1886, this new list of all-star sips is a great way to experience some of the best liquid art Los Angeles has to offer!

1886 Bar is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Thursday from 5:00 pm to Midnight and Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am. For more information, visit www.TheRaymond.com or call (626) 441-3136.

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