3 Benefits of Shopping at a Certified Farmers Market

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 | 9:30 pm

So what are these 3 important benefits of shopping at a certified farmers market, and what does that mean for you Pasadena?

The first benefit is that a Certified Farmers Market must be authorized by the County Agricultural Commissioner, and conform to the current regulations regarding agriculture, health, cleanliness, and business practices. This is important because those farmers markets which aren’t certified can have different rules about those things, or none at all. I don’t know about you, but I get some comfort from the fact that someone is looking out for me when it comes to my food.

The second benefit is that while the look and feel of Certified Farmers Markets throughout the state vary from county to county, one commonality is the selling of certified products from California farmers. In non-certified markets, vendors are not usually the farmers that grow the produce, and typically resell produce grown in some other part of the country that they get from distributors, and the whole point of a farmer’s market is to buy locally grown foods. Otherwise, you might as well just run down to Ralph’s and buy it. Which brings us to benefit number three.

The third benefit is that at Certified Farmers Markets, small and large scale local family farms have a direct avenue to sell their goods, and the community has a set location and time where it can buy from those farmers with confidence that they are getting good produce from trusted, reputable growers.

This arrangement is beneficial for everyone involved. Cutting out the middleman saves you the cost of shipping, storing, processing and distributribution. Locally grown crops are fresher, and typically more affordable than crops brought in from other places, and for some reason they always seem to taste so much better.

So slide on down to the Pasadena Certified Farmers Market today, and pick up some fresh, locally grown produce, and reap the benefits as you take in those great flavors.

The Victory Park Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 8:30am-1pm at the 2900 block of North Sierra Madre Boulevard. Call (626) 449-0179 or visit www.pasadenafarmersmarket.org/index.html for more information.

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