5 Times It Is Definitely OK To Think Only About Yourself

And being “selfish” at The Mixx is one of them

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 7:30 pm

Everyone will tell you that being selfish is a big no no. Starting from childhood, you will have been taught to put others before yourself in any and all circumstances.

But that’s just not true. It’s perfectly fine to be selfish every once in a while. After all, we all need a little me. Being selfish can even help you avoid certain bad situations as well as pave the way for something good. As long as it’s just about you – and doesn’t involve taking something away from someone else – then you’re good to go.

Here are a few times you should probably think about being selfish and doing something for yourself:

1. If you’re single, you can definitely afford to be selfish. Revel in having an entire house (and more importantly, bed) to yourself. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s schedule and having to think about others before yourself. In some ways, it’s the best time of your life.

2. Even if you are in a committed relationship, it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes. In fact, experts say you need to love yourself before you can truly love others.

3. Let someone treat you if they want. When someone offers to splash the cash on you, your first instinct will likely be to say no. But let them. Go ahead and pick one of those selfish items on the the menu at The Mixx in Pasadena, or the priciest bottle of wine. You deserve it.

4. We all have friends that want to borrow money, and never seem to pay it back. Sometimes, you just have to say no. Giving money probably isn’t helping them in the long run. They may call you selfish, but it’s for their own benefit.

5. Treat yourself. If it’s a special occasion like your birthday or you’re just feeling a little down, take some time to really look after you. And if that means eating an extra slice of cake and breaking your diet, so be it.

Since two of the 5 things are about food, Chef Jeremy Zimmerman is encouraging all-out selfishness with a variety of dishes ranging from Whipped Smoked Salmon to a gorgeous Charcoaled Spain Caught Octopus concoction.

So come in and be as selfish as you want, and let The Mixx transform your selfishness into great taste, and good times.

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