A Smart Choice For The Best Look

Monday, May 18, 2015 | 1:55 am

After 36 years experience in the salon industry, Gary Dye knows a thing or two about hair care…and facial care…and hair coloring techniques…and the best cuts…

Trained by Aveda and around the world, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London, Dye easily qualifies as an expert. His experience and knowledge are all put into practice in his salon, the Orpheum Salon.

The Orpheum presents a wide range of services from hair care to facials, waxing to makeup. According to Dye, the salon is always committed to performing the best services, from color to cuts (for both men and women).

“We all represent the salon and because of this, we are obligated to produce the best work,” says Dye.

Customer service is something that Orpheum Salon takes seriously. “When you come into the Orpheum, we’re not going to ask you what you want. We’re going to find out what it is you don’t like and then work only to create something that’s specific for you that will get you noticed,” says Gary. “[We] create something that the person is comfortable with but also gets them noticed— because everyone wants someone to mention that their hair looks good!”

Orpheum Salon stylists perform their services only with environment-friendly products that don’t harm the hair or body.

Another thing that makes Orpheum Salon a standout is their expertise in hair coloring. Dye says, “We have continued education on color in the salon. Hair color is probably the most difficult thing for hairdressers.”

“Ombre is a style that may have peaked just recently, but [there is a tendency] that the sun-lightened tips of the hair can be done so horribly. It’s probably the largest mistake that we see out there and only this salon can do it naturally, in a way that it looks like that sun created this look.”

Such finesse, sophistication, and attention-to-detail excellence has created a unique clientele: Orpheum Salon has been drawing professors from CalTech, UCLA, Scripps, Pomona College, Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, and USC into the salon.

“I think we cater to the smartest crowd because we produce the smartest looks,” Dye quips.

We aren’t ones to argue.

Orpheum Salon is located at 610 S Lake Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 304-9903 or visit www.orpheumsalon.com.


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