An Unexpected Wellness Retreat Hidden in Pasadena

Thursday, September 1, 2016 | 8:42 pm

IMG_3782Take 45 minutes out of your day and enjoy some quality me-time. Who could say no to that? At Salt Studio, you’ll have a chance to recharge while benefitting from halotherapy, or salt therapy, in their seren salt room.

This holistic wellness center also offers facials and massages that feature salt as the main ingredient. Leone explains that, contrary to popular myth, salt is not dehydrating or abrasive. Sodium chloride molecules actually draw moisture to them so expect your skin to feel softer and more hydrated.

Co-owner, Diana Leone, explains that the salt treatments address a variety of skin issues such as acne and aging. Salt Studio also offers a variety of salt based products for home use as well as treatments and massages.

The Rejuvena skin treatment is one of their most popular options and offers a gentler alternative to traditional facials. It uses ultrasonic vibration and negative ions from salt to lift, tone and smooth skin. But, Leone adds that all treatments are customized to each individual and focused on integrative wellness – most facials include acupressure massages tailored to individual needs.

“Salt draws moisture from the air and has a plumping effect on skin – it’s also an antimicrobial and reduces inflammation,” she said.

Salt therapy is also a popular choice for respiratory healing. Co-owner, Michael Leone, is a Licensed Respiratory Therapist and uses salt therapy to benefit people suffering from respiratory distress. Leone explains that many people with asthma, allergies and chronic sinusitis visit the salt room regularly.

“A lot of people don’t realize that they have chronic sinus problems or conditions that can be improved,” said Leone. These conditions come as the result of pollution and the stress of everyday life, she said.

The salt room is covered with Pacific Ocean salt and features elements of Himalayan salt to create a negative ion environment. Leone explains that negatively charged ions are associated with reduced stress and increased serotonin levels.

“My favorite thing is when families come in with older kids and spend 45 minutes in the salt room together – that time is precious,” she said.

The air in the room is infused with medical grade salt that gets absorbed into your respiratory system and through pores. Most people don’t taste the salt in the air but some notice a perceptible difference in the air or report feelings of lightness. Meditate or read a book while you relax in the salt room. You don’t need to wear special clothes and Salt Studio provides clean booties to wear on your feet.

“Everyone can appreciate a slow down – the benefits of self-care have ripple effects into every aspect of life,” said Leone.

Since opening Salt Studio three and a half years ago, Leone says that people have become more curious and open to holistic treatments. In response to this, Salt Studio has added new services like integrative healing, chakra balancing and homeopathy to their menu.

“It’s a mind-body-spirit approach. Every treatment includes a person’s whole life picture,” she said.

Salt Studio also hosts workshops, classes and Holistic Happy Hours with every change of the season to provide more information to people introduce them to treatment options available.

Salt Studio is located at 1380 East Walnut Street. Call 626) 765-6180 or visit for more information.

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