As Long As It Takes

Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 11:33 pm

Raul Montes

Raul-Montes-3As a young UCLA student thirty-six years ago, Pasadena attorney Raul Montes was an economics major torn between business and law school.

“I thought that I would enjoy law more because of the social relevance,” he recently told Pasadena Now. He toyed with the idea of accounting but felt that “knowing the social rules and being able to help people was far more important.”

“You see a lot of injustice; I really wanted to be involved.” “I wanted to help people who were losing rights!” This was one of many reasons why I made the decision to go to law school.

“The day the envelope arrived notifying me that I had passed the bar was one of the most exciting days of my life,” he laughed with a spark of remembrance.

“There are so many disciplines in law,” he said, “I find research and writing to be one of my personal favorites, however, I became experienced at transactional law and litigation that has allowed me to lend my practice to an even broader path for my client’s.”

His roots began, during law school, at the State Public Defender’s office the focus was on criminal appellate work. He then worked in the State Attorney General’s office, in the business and tax section, researching and assisting attorneys with trial and appellate work.

While the two offices offered him a broad spectrum of experience he was still searching for his own personal niche. After passing the California bar and while at the Attorney General’s office, he found himself caught by a hiring freeze, with his Juris Doctorate in hand he had other options, however, that was when he knew it was time to open his own doors.

He was soon opening his first office in Burbank in the early ’80s, which was a perfect stepping stone for him before establishing a small office in mid-Wilshire.

“A law firm on a few floors above me asked me to help on a litigation case they were handling; I ended up joining them as an associate attorney, eventually staying on and moving into a partnership with them. It served us well for more than 30 years!”

As a partner, he worked in many areas of law, however; soon he was honing his skills with an emphasis on Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law, as well as Business Law, Real Property Law and Litigation.

Now, this experienced advocate has set out again on his own, with a new office in Pasadena. His original thoughts and interests have led him to open his own family business. Joining him with their experience is his wife, Laurie, as the office administrator, and Alex, one of his four sons working as his legal assistant.

My practice consists of several areas of law, especially estate planning, that sometimes people tend to overlook,” he explained. Raul commented, “People often plan their estates before they are go on trips, or have experienced a death in the family, however, estate planning can certainly be done in advance.” You can accomplish this in a prompt and efficient manner. “An experienced estate planner, probate and trust attorney will make sure that your property is administered properly for the benefit of your loved ones”.

Laurie mentioned that she had realized a few years ago, that they had not done their own estate planning. Raul prepared their estate plan and consequently, they both felt a peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, all would be taken care of.

“The law keeps me challenged and always interested.” Seemingly so, he seems to have accomplished his goals set forth when he was applying to law school. He fights and litigates for his client’s and is able to help them realize their rights.

Raul hopes that his new offices will make a difference with people. The current family atmosphere is one of many goals he wanted to accomplish.

Laurie’s commented, “A client and his family were here until 9:30 one Friday evening, that’s when I realized we should keep some food around the office, because we will stay here as long as it takes.”

The law offices of Raul Montes are at 650 Sierra Madre Villa Ave., Suite 304, Pasadena. (626) 515-7011;;;



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