Balance Your Yoga Practice with Core Fusion

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 | 10:01 pm

Yoga is about balance but in order to boost your workout and improve your physique, it’s a good idea to incorporate different workouts into your schedule.

Hot Yoga Pasadena is now offering a fitness class to help you mix up your workout and rock your entire body. Studio owner, Val Sklar Robinson, added this class as a supplement to the yoga studio’s offering and sees it as a complement to a yoga practice. The YogiVal Core Fusion class incorporates all the exercises she like to do for fitness put to music for everyone to enjoy.

“In Bikram Yoga, you never do a down dog or a push-up. So we’re not using our bodyweight against our upper body and our butt and our core. We’re engaging our core, but basically we’re not doing bodyweight exercises with it. So the point of the YogiVal Core Fusion class is to add the element of direct bodyweight exercises to connect and more deeply strengthen those areas,” said Robinson.

The class is done to music and focuses on upper body, core and glute strength. Robinson recommends it for people of all fitness levels and adds that it’s great for people with back pain.

“I’ve realized from my own back problem that, my glutes needed more strength. When your glutes have no strength, it means your back takes more pressure and more strain. When your butt muscles are stronger and more developed, they are able to support your back and so your back doesn’t take those kinds of tweaks and strains,” she said.

YogiVal Core Fusion classes will be offered on Friday, April 1st 6:30 pm, Wednesday, April 6th at 11 a.m, Saturday, April 16th 8 a.m and Wednesday, April 20th 11 am with more classes coming in May. Val suggests this class to everyone whether you are a yoga person or not.

Hot Yoga Pasadena is located at 2089 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena. For more information visit

New and local students are encouraged to try the introductory month for $49 to see how a Hot Yoga practice can help you live, feel and look better.


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