Being a Dad Rocks! Salute Your Favorite Rock Star on His Day

Monday, June 5, 2017 | 10:57 pm

Father’s Day is coming up, and you’re stumped, because he seems to have everything. Well, he might, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there he wouldn’t just love.

It just takes you to think of it.

So, we’ve gotten you started with some ideas, although some of them might require mowing a lot of lawns or selling a lot of lemonade. Don’t worry. Dad’s worth it.

Along with those great gifts in that video up there, how about these?

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CYCLOC ENDO BIKE HOLDER — Here’s a pretty smart way to hang up Dad’s bike. It’s basically two pieces that hang on the wall of the garage, workshop, studio, or kitchen, for that matter.

It stores Dad’s bike vertically and with style, and it’s ideal for snug spaces with only a little space. The hollow hinge also accommodates a conventional bicycle lock. Available in 7 bright colors. They’re in Europe, but you can order one from Dad’s patient. He can wait a bit.

I-ROBOT BRAAVA JET 240 — You might think of this as a Mother’s Day Gift, but um, no. If Mom wants one of these, she’ll get it herself. But how much would Dad would love this nifty little gadget that will sweep, damp wipe or mop up his studio or workshop. It comes with various pads that, once attached, know just what that floor needs. The Braava Jet is also silent. Dad can set it in the corner when he leaves (or while he works), and the Braava Jet will go right to work. And shut itself off when it’s done. Unlike you. That’s okay. Dad still loves you. Available at Target.

Whatever you get for Dad, we’re sure he’ll love it. And get him the Double Cheeseburger for brunch. With everything. And for one day, don’t hog the remote.

Oh, and by the way, we’ll keep updating this list until you-know-when. Happy Father’s Day, Pasadena!


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