Billy Stix: You Might Sweat a Little!

Thursday, April 11, 2019 | 7:02 pm

Ever wish you could take a full body workout on-the-go? Bill Shuttic has you covered. He’s a Health Coach with clients throughout Los Angeles [based in West Covina] who has invented a dynamic stick workout that can be targeted at every muscle group.

BillyStix are two sets—black and red—of weighted workout sticks that contain a loose sand-like substance inside of them. “The weight is actually moving back and forth so it adds a whole new dynamic to your workout,” says Shuttic.

Let’s say it’s your typical leg day and you’re not looking forward to it.

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You whip out a pair of BillyStix. The red Stix are 1.5 pounds each, the black Stix are 2 pounds each.

As you hold out a pair of Stix in front of you, parallel to the ground, and squat, not only are you receiving a leg workout, but your forearms, grip strength, and shoulders are all being hit.

And because the sand inside is moving around, you’ll tense your core muscles as you try to keep the Stix stable.

“The idea is to integrate a full body workout into something that looks simple but works your body maybe 5 times as hard as if you were doing it without the sticks,” says Shuttic.You’ll feel it in your increased heart rate.


Despite only being a couple of pounds, one of Shuttic’s20 minute BillyStix routines will invariably work every muscle group. When your thighs and shoulders are on fire, at least you know its working.

The Stix are light enough to strap to the back of your backpack and take up with you on a hike, but will kick your butt the moment you start moving with them, giving a full body workout with just a pair of Stix.

Shuttic has created a six-part workout series that comes complimentary with a purchase of BillyStix. The low-impact 20-minute workouts target the standard muscle groups and are quick enough to allow you the freedom to package different workouts on top of each other.


In addition to being an Elite Personal Trainer, Shuttic has experience working with chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. Having lived in Japan for several years, Shuttic pulled some of the BillyStix movements from martial arts and Iaido, the Japanese swordsmanship martial art, to create the tough, full-body routines.

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