Blown Water Heater: What a Headache

Sunday, March 17, 2019 | 1:42 am

A blown water heater in the basement of your home can be a real problem, especially when you aren’t home to tend to it when it happens. Coming home to a flooded apartment or basement that has corrupted or ruined everything on the floor is going to be a mess that no dweller wants to clean.

This is the time to hire a junk removal service like Clean Junk Out so they can come and handle all the items that will have to be removed due to the failure of that old water heater. Water can find its way into every crook and cranny, and everything affected will need to be removed.

Not only will you have to replace the water heater, but you will also have to rid yourself of those items that have been damaged especially boxes or anything made of cardboard that has gotten wet if you want to avoid mold problems that could quickly crop up with delay. This will also include any materials that can soak up water to include wallboard, which will have to be cut out and replaced.

Anything that is made of wood can also be a problem if it is untreated and may have to be removed to avoid mold. If you have a finished basement, there also might be a need to remove carpet, furniture, and electronics that have been damaged.

While you can get a contractors to come and clean up the water and repair the damages to your home, this rarely includes removal of the materials they are replacing. This is one of those times that a junk removal expert can be a significant source of help because they can come to your home and get to work on ridding you of all those damaged items that will need to be removed right away.

Mold will be your biggest enemy for an accident like this because it won’t take long for mold to grow if all the moisture isn’t taken care of immediately. So, if you find yourself with a flooded basement or apartment due to a faulty or blown water heater then get on the phone and call Clean Junk Out right away and have them get to work on helping you fix this heartbreaking problem.

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