Bowhaus is Your Dog’s Home Away from Home

Thursday, January 8, 2015 | 10:19 pm

If you’ve ever had to board your dog for any period of time, you know the most important factor in choosing a kennel is trust.  After all, not just anyone should care for a loved member of your family.

At Bowhaus, a service-oriented day care center for dogs, every dog’s well-being is top priority which is demonstrated through all aspects of their business.

Owner Ben Foo was formerly part of his family’s weightlifting business, distributing and manufacturing exercise equipment. His passion for animals took over when he researched dog packs and took a class on pack behavior. Shortly thereafter, he opened Bowhaus.

“We actually have a schedule, an itinerary based daycare that we follow. If you do something consistently and [the dogs] keep a schedule, they actually go out of the [daycare with] better manners, basically.”

The detailed itinerary rotates through high energy play periods, rest times, private feedings, and games and mental stimulation.  Each activity is scheduled to achieve the best behavior from the dog and ensures they each get the right amount of play and rest throughout the day.

“They’ll go home very tired. They’ve already done their business and they’ll also have very basic training during the daycare as well. That will help keep them in check with their behavior.”

Aside from detailed care for your pets, Bowhaus is also a one-stop shop, offering hand-picked retail items. “All of our toys, are handpicked to match different types of dog play and we source all of our consumables. They’re all made in the U.S. or Canada.”

If you’re worried about what ingredients go into your dog’s food, Foo guarantees that his staff is highly skilled and “very knowledgeable with foods and dietary needs.”

Foo points out, “Most of our foods [are] all grain-free, all high-end. They don’t carry that at grocery stores. We try to get the best possible foods that are on the market into the store and we try to educate our customers about them.”

If you like the training provided during their day care but you’d like to be a little more hands-on, Bow Haus also offers private lessons.

“Our trainer, Ernesto, [worked] with Cesar Milan, ‘The Dog Whisperer’. He does one on one training at your house to help your dog get over any kind of anxieties or fear [he] may have,” he explained.

Adding to their list of services, do-it-yourself grooming stations are available (if Fido needs a quick shower before you take him home at the end of the day) as well as a professional groomer.

“Our groomer, Nancy, has been doing this for some 20 some years now. She’s done show dogs before. She’s constantly doing updates—she’s learning Japanese style dog grooming which is really, really popular and is coming in the U.S. really soon.”

Finally, Bowhaus also offers overnight stays, as his staff is on site 24 hours a day. Foo assures clients of a “worry-free environment.”

Says Foo, “The way that we’ve set up our daycares and our temperament test really helps [reduce] incidents.”

So if you need a hand with your dog, from what type of food he should be eating to daycare to training, look no further than Bowhaus.

The Bowhaus Pet Company is located at 2472 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. For more information, call 626-229-9835 or visit

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