Call Your Shots with Vitamin IV Therapy

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 | 2:07 pm

In 2019, people are taking some healthcare needs out of the hands of doctors, and into their own. Vitamin IV therapy is one of the newest industries that represents this trend, and guess what: Vitaminologie in Pasadena is fully booked much of the time.

Vitamin IV therapy aims to proactively bring balance in the body by infusing key water-soluble vitamin nutrients, amino acids and minerals directly into your mainline for 100% absorption, according to Vitaminologie.

By injecting the vitamins directly into your bloodstream, the positive effects are seen almost instantly and last for a week or two, they say. They offer injections, a single prick of vitamins, and infusions, where you’re hooked up to an IV and receive the solution for 30 to 60 minutes.

They mix cocktails of vitamins for your specific health needs—weight loss, beauty, cognition and athlete optimizers, and jet lag recovery, to name just a few.

Technically, Vitaminologie is a medical practice and is therefore governed by the rules and regulations of the Medical Board of California. But it definitely doesn’t feel like one.

“We have a lot people coming in here thinking we’re a gallery,” says partner/CEO Pamela Zamora, the marketing and operational mind behind Vitaminologie. She wasn’t going to partner with Dr. Srinivasan, the doctor behind the therapy and the owner of the business, if they were going to open what looked like a medical clinic.

“Everything was designed with the idea that people should not feel like they’re sick, because they’re not,” says Zamora. That’s how Vitaminologie stands out from other IV Vitamin Therapy locations in greater Los Angeles: it’s just really relaxing.

Upon entering, you take a seat in the waiting area in a plush leather chair and check in on an iPad. A bottle of water will be offered. You’ll notice the modern artwork, plants that surround you, and soft new age music — all curated to give you a comfortable, stress-free experience.

After check-in, you’ll consult with Dr. Srinivasan or a licensed nurse practitioner to ensure that you don’t have any health issues that might complicate the IV therapy. Once you’re cleared, you’ll be able to recline in that plush leather chair and simply relax (or nap) while you receive your vitamins.

Many patients are highly active professionals or creatives. Vitamin IV Therapy keeps the engine running.

Or, they’re just health-conscious individuals looking for some “me time.”

“This new generation of healthcare consumers is wanting to be more effective with their life, more efficient with their life,” says Zamora.

In an age where health care coverage and insurance premiums are sky high, many look to preventative practices like Vitamin IV Therapy as an alternative, economically conscious way to sustain healthy living.

“You find these byproduct industries — increases in acupuncture services, increases in chiropractic services, increases in even hot yoga services,” Zamora continues. It seems Vitamin IV Therapy is another one of those byproduct industries.

Zamora likens Vitaminologie to the kind of safety and security you can get at a medical practice, but without the fluorescent lights and impersonal nature of most doctors’ offices these days.

Vitaminologie is located at 977 E. Colorado Blvd. Call (833) 800-8487 or visit


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