Celebrate World Vegan Day With Meat-free Eats

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | 10:34 pm

My Vegan Restaurant Vegan Spicy Ramen

World Vegan Day falls on November 1 and celebrates a cruelty-free lifestyle and diet. Vegans abstain from meat, fish, eggs, dairy and animal products like honey and leather while vegetarians follow a plant-based diet which excludes meat and fish.

While this lifestyle choice isn’t for everyone, there are a growing number of people choosing to live vegan. Luckily, Pasadena has a diverse dining scene that can accommodate any meal preference. Celebrate the vegans in your life or treat yourself out to a plant-based meal on November.

Vegan Restaurants

My Vegan Restaurant offers My Vegan Pad Thai Signature and My Vegan Spicy Ramen as well as an entire menu of Asian-inspired vegan food. They are located 633 South Arroyo Parkway. Call or (626) 578-9017 visit https://www.myveganrestaurant.com/ for more details.


Green Earth Vegan Cuisine has Curry Tofu Scramble and Spicy Lemongrass Tofu plus many other vegan choices. They are located at 37 S Fair Oaks Avenue. Call (626) 584-0268 or visit http://greenearthvegan.com/pasadena/.

Try a Mediterranean Bowl, Fauxstess Cupcake or Harvest Quesadillas at Real Food Daily on 899 East Del Mar Boulevard. Call (626) 844-8900 or visit http://www.realfood.com/.

Grab an All Hail Kale Salad or a Crispy Buffalo Chickn Wrap at Veggie Grill, 200 S Lake Avenue. (626) 535-9561 or visit https://www.veggiegrill.com/ for a full menu.


One Veg World offers Indian Curry Tofu, Spicy Lemongrass Tofu and a complete menu of desserts at 950 E Colorado Blvd #104. Call (626) 744-3141 or visit http://www.onevegworld.net/ to see what’s cooking. One Veg World is located at 950 E Colorado Blvd #104, Pasadena.

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro has a fully vegan menu and astounding selection of vegan ice cream at 319 South Arroyo Parkway. Call (877) 985-5463 or visit http://www.sageveganbistro.com/locations/pasadena/ .


Vegan Options

Try Fried Tofu with Lettuce and Steamed Vegetable With Rice at Pasadena Noodle & Grill on 2335 East Colorado Boulevard. Call (626) 792-1893 or visit www.pasadenanoodle.com.

Order a Happy Vegan Salad from Tender Greens on 621 East Colorado Boulevard and check out their menu at www.tendergreens.com or call (626) 405-1511 for more information.

Abricott offers Spicy Tofu and Eggplant or Sweet Potato Wontons at 238 South Lake Avenue. Call (626) 796-1613 or visit http://abricott.com/.


Stop by Urth Caffé for The Urth Salad and a boba drink make with coconut, soy or almond milk. They are located at 594 East Colorado Boulevard. Visit (626) 844-4644 or visit https://urthcaffe.com/.

Order a Dalai Lama vegan pizza at The Luggage Room Pizzeria on 260 South Raymond Avenue. Call (626) 356-4440 or visit http://www.theluggageroom.com/ for a full menu.


True Food Kitchen offers a hearty Ancient Grains Bowl with tofu as well as vegan salad and dessert options at 168 West Colorado Boulevard. Call (480) 905-6920 or visit http://www.truefoodkitchen.com/locations/pasadena/.

Indulge your sweet tooth with Vegan Cookies and Cream at POP Champagne and Dessert Bar at 33 East Union Street. Call (626) 795-1295 or visit www.popchampagnebar.com.

Think vegan food is bland and boring? Think again, these creative dishes will have your tastebuds in plant-based heaven. Who knows, you may even be tempted to give veganism a try.



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