Celebrating 10 Years of Good Hair Days

Orpheum’s seasoned stylist Molly McDevitt celebrates 10 years

Thursday, May 21, 2015 | 8:18 pm

Orpheum SalonWhen she was young, Molly McDevitt sported unmanageably curly red hair. So unruly was her naturally curly hair that she had taken great pains to tame it.

This girl had no idea then that her love-hate relationship with her red tresses would lead her to a stellar career in hair styling.

Eventually, Molly found ways to manage her hair. Describe it as a calling or God-given gift, but she was really good at it. Molly recounts, “I got really good at doing my own hair, and I had a hairdresser friend when I was 18. I worked next door to a salon [when I was] probably 20. Then he saw what I would do with my hair at eight o clock in the morning. [He said] ‘If you can do this to yourself, you need to go to beauty school.’”

Now celebrating her 10th year at Orpheum Salon, Molly is thankful for her tresses that got her the job. “[Celebrating 10 years] is kind of rare in this business. A lot of people jump around. I love it here. I grew up in South Pasadena and I’m local to this area,” says Molly.

This experienced and expert stylist has worked with every kind of hairstyle and texture.

“I am kind of an all-around stylist, and I love this profession because everybody that sits down on your chair is different and I’m finding something specifically for them,” says Molly.

Her advice to the curly-haired chicks out there?

“Everybody’s curly hair is different so it’s all about helping somebody find a regimen that works well with them,” explains Molly. Her hair product of choice is Aveda. “I fell in love with Aveda. One because it’s products are plant- and flower- based. I don’t feel bad running it down the drain and it works,” says Molly.

Cheers to Molly’s 10th year!

Orpheum Salon is located at 610 S. Lake Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 304-9903 or visit orpheumsalon.com.


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