Choctál Returns to Store’s Freezers

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 | 7:40 pm

Choctál, the producers of single-origin premium ice cream which highlights different vanilla and chocolate flavor profiles from rain forest regions around the globe, is bringing back its super-premium ice cream this week after a four year hiatus. CEO Michael Leb, who purchased the company last year, is re-launching Choctál on April 2 when it hits the freezer cases of specialty markets throughout Greater Los Angeles. Choctál will be available at select stores for $8.49-9.79 a pint and online for $11 a pint at the company’s website –

Choctál delivers bold, distinct, fully rounded tastes highlighting the differences among cacao and vanilla harvested in various rainforests around the world. The packaging includes tasting notes to help consumers understand and appreciate the flavor nuances and differences among the single-origin products.
“We debuted at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show in January,” said Choctál CEO Michael Leb. “Retailers and distributors immediately embraced our unique niche as a single-origin chocolate and vanilla company and were amazed by the intensity and quality our super-premium ice cream. We started receiving orders as soon as we returned to Pasadena.”

Choctáls eight origins – Mexican, Madagascar, New Papua Guinea and Indonesian Vanilla as well as Kalimantan, Ghana, Dominican and Costa Rican Chocolate – will soon be available at Bristol Farms. Choctál is also available at specialty markets throughout Greater Los Angeles, including Fish King in Glendale; Fresco Community Market in Highland Park; Ginger Corner Market and Porta Via in Pasadena; Howie’s Ranch Market in San Gabriel; Nicole’s Market & Café in South Pasadena; Olives Gourmet Grocer in Long Beach; and Urban Radish in Los Angeles. Lucky Stores at select San Francisco Bay Area locations will soon be offering Choctál as well.

In addition to specialty markets, Choctál is on the menu at select Los Angeles-area restaurants, including Borneo Kalimantan in Alhambra; CaCao Mexicatessen in Eagle Rock; and Noor Events in Pasadena.

Choctál single-origin premium ice cream, which highlights different vanilla and chocolate flavor profiles from rain forests around the globe, is available in-stores, at restaurants and online at For more information on Choctál or visit

About Choctál

The name Choctál pays homage to the ancient and indigenous cultures that once featured this “food from the gods” in a drink called Xocolatl, Cachuati or Chocotal. The Pasadena, California-based company produces single-origin premium products highlighting different vanilla and chocolate flavor profiles from rain forests from around the globe.

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