Class Up Your Invitations And More With Custom Calligraphy

Sunday, January 12, 2020 | 12:59 pm

First impressions are everything and that is likely the same case when sending out and receiving eye-catching invitations that let your party-goers know you are planning something special.

So why not class it up if you have the chance? Say no more, calligraphy might just be the missing element to setting yourself apart from the rest when planning your big day, whether is a wedding, milestone birthday base, company gala, and anything else you will remember forever.

Calligraphy Katrina is a Pasadena-based calligraphy firm established in 2007 by its highly artistic and talented founder, Katrina Centeno-Nguyen. At the age of 19, she was asked by a friend to address her wedding envelopes.

With a humble beginning of $10, Katrina bought a pen and a pack of envelopes for samples to start her first project. After a couple more jobs, she landed a very encouraging write-up in the famous wedding blog, Project Wedding. Immediately, her natural speed, innate writing skills, and meticulous, yet upbeat personality was noticed by Los Angeles’ luxury wedding industry, museums, and the world’s top fashion houses including Vogue, Dior, Ferragamo, Chanel, Burberry, Vanity Fair, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art to name a few. In less than 2 years, at a relatively young age of 21, Katrina’s distinctive calligraphic styles have become a byword synonymous to luxury, class, and couture.


With Calligraphy Katrina’s rapidly growing prominent clientele, Katrina’s work can also be found in numerous online blogs and magazines such as Vogue, Insider, UNILAD, Bored Panda, VoyageLA, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Inside Weddings, California Wedding Day, and more.

Because Katrina never formally learned calligraphy and as all of her font styles are her own design, the speed with which Katrina’s projects are completed is by itself a force to be reckoned with.

This ability makes her and her work unique and highly sought-after. In addition, her growing knowledge of her craft, plus her excellent customer service skills make it a most pleasurable experience working with her.

What about the art and process of calligraphy excites you, especially enough to dedicate your life to it thus far?

The fact that I’m able to create impact with words. Calligraphy is always changing, and as artists we know that. It’s my own handwriting I can manipulate it. There are many people that change or build their own fonts, and there is a brand new generation of writers who are pursuing the traditional art of it. Everyone just wants to learn, and that is always exciting. You see all different people from different backgrounds coming together to want to learn this art and making it their own.

Is calligraphy an industry currently in demand?

In a world where everything is digital and mass produced the art of a handmade product the demand for it has intensified in the past few years.

Calligraphy is so universal it can range from someone who wants a personalized candle, to an invitation, to renting our bog mirrors. It doesn’t matter how big the project, the size, or the budget, calligraphy is for everyone. And now with our production of prints coming along, we are
going to be able to sell beautiful pieces in calligraphy that are ready for framing. Describe the range of projects you have done from small to large to give an idea of how calligraphy can be applied in different settings and scenarios.

It can range between anything form personalizing, to our printed cards, to addressing envelopes for invitations, to our famous giant mirrors as seating charts.

What has been the most memorable part of your journey since picking up this skill to now?

The most memorable part for me was making my first pieces. My first mirror was so exciting because there was so much of the unknown, that urge to learn. Being out in an element where you have to figure it out, with only having a few minutes, the rush the adrenaline, and having it come out decent for your first time. There is so much beauty in that. There is an “oh my god” moment an “I’m creating something here” feeling.

Is Pasadena a good place to own your business and is there a market for it?

I’m a proud Pasadena resident, this is my home, there is a reason why me and my husband chose to raise a family here. Yeah, there is a market for it out here. While most of our clientele are in LA, having our base here in Pasadena is so essential, because as an artist it keeps you grounded and inspired. It’s close enough to the big city that the commute isn’t bad and even when inviting our clients and colleagues to our home office they feel safe and there’s a sense of comfort in our little city.

If someone wants to explore using your services, how much time should they plan ahead?

In every industry Christmas is the universal busy season. But for my company, my calligraphy, we have numerous projects year round. From award seasons to wedding season to fashion galas, to holidays. It’s always just best to plan ahead, but we do projects as late as the day before the wedding. Especially for those seating charts.

What’s new in 2019?

We have so many upcoming events! We have pcoming pop-ups for the holidays in our downtown LA studio to celebrate its opening. Now that our studio is open, everyone is welcome to come and tour! A perfect time to see our space, especially if you have events coming up, you can come pick out your signs and other fun gifts for the holidays.

Calligraphy Katrina, (626) 628-5842,

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