Committing to an Architectural Home

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 | 11:35 am

Buying an architectural home, steeped in character and history is a commitment. These older homes have their charm and usually attract a certain type of buyer – someone who will be excited to care for and maintain the home’s integrity while making it their own.

“People who buy older homes need to understand that it’s sort of like buying a classic car. Maybe a classic car doesn’t have some of the Bluetooth enabled features or whatever that maybe a brand new car has. But it has something that is very, very unique in styling and the quality of the wood and the leather seats and all that,” explained real estate agent, Darrell Done.

Done explains that many people are drawn to architectural homes because of their uniqueness. These homes tend to be grander in construction and are usually situated in more mature neighborhoods. The streets are usually lined with trees and the landscape is well maintained.

“One thing that people comment on when they enter an older home is how substantial and solid it feels; the fact that the scale of the room is very gracious. It’s a tribute to more gracious living… I think that older homes are really designed for you to entertain guests rather than just live in them. I mean just purely live in them,” explained Done.

These features include grand entrances, spacious dining rooms and generous living rooms. Done adds that most people in the market for architectural homes have a distinct sense of style and desire to own and care for a unique home.

He wants buyers to know that not all architectural homes are out of reach, in fact, many in South Pasadena and Altadena are smaller, and more affordable to the typical buyer.

“I think that people enjoy the fact that these homes have endured in some instances a century of living…It’s a lifestyle commitment that you’re living in this piece of history,” said Done.

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