Comprehensive Health and Wellness Care

Thursday, November 10, 2016 | 7:22 pm

“Health is when all your body systems are functioning at their peak performance – mentally, physically and spiritually,” said Bill Shuttic, the founder of Ultimate Health & Wellness.

This integrative health company approaches health from a holistic perspective including, personal training, massage therapy, nutrition, detoxification, and life coaching, which Shuttic calls The Complete Wellness System.Hispersonal training program focuses on Interval Training for a full body workout with cardio. He also has amembers-only website withworkout videos online. In addition to fitness and massage, Shuttic offers nutrition counseling with herbal remedies and Nutraceuticals or pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements. In addition, he coaches clients through issues and helps set goals in their lives.

Although some people choose services a la carte (ie. Personal training or massage), Shuttic enjoys workingwith clients on all of their health needs using multiple health modalities. Shuttic took his passion for health and turned it into a business 15 years ago. He has a black belt in jujitsu, aikido, and iaido (which he earned while living in Japan.) He is a Certified Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Natural Health Practitioner, and Life Coach. This impressive list of credentials allows Shuttic to choose the appropriate modalities to help his clients achieve their goals and feel better.

Shuttic explains that health is a positive feedback loop – the healthier you are physically, the better you feel mentally and emotionally and the better you are able to handle stress, and so forth. He has worked with many clients who have fallen into the negative feedback loop of poor self-esteem and unhealthy habits, and together, using the Complete Wellness System, they work to make beneficial lifestyle changes to bring people back to health.

“Many people have health issues and are looking for a solution – whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual – and I’ve become a one-stop-shop for health and wellness.” said Shuttic. If you have any health issues and are looking for a one-on-one concierge Health Coach, Shuttic is available for a free initial consultation.

For more information on Ultimate Health & Wellness, visit or call (310) 413-0514.



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