Cool Off the Sizzle of Summer and Enjoy Bobs and Lobs

From sexy blunt styles to tousled locks, give yourself a makeover with a take on a short classic look.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 | 9:30 pm

If the thought of hot days have you looking into short styles this season, there are a few things you want to consider. For instance, how many inches should you take off or should you go with a cool textured chop or a classic cut.

“Kick start your summer look with an upgrade like pixie cuts, long bobs, maybe something a little edgy and different. Aerial layers, beachy waves kind of thing,” says stylist Melanie Marquez from Orpheum Salon.

The way a woman’s hair is cut will have a big effect on their look and how they feel about themselves. Many of today’s celebrities are trendsetters when it comes to today’s popular cuts and colors.

Today there is a diverse selection of lobs and bobs. These aren’t your mother’s cuts either. Many of today’s designs are inspirational and unique.

Don’t be afraid to grab a fresh new look, no matter your birthdate. Consider a blunt cut up to the chin, or a wavy layered crop. If you really want to be bold think about a modern shag or a daring pixie. Either way, you will have a fresh look that will take years off of you.

According to Marquez, “For coloring, I would say more vibrant, like hopping colors whether it’s like brightening up your blond, enriching up your brown. I would say that we’re focusing on more natural texture rather than perms. It’s more modern, regular texture.”

If you have thought about going short, summer is a great time to make that change. Summer is for sundresses, ice cream, flip-flops, and short hair.

A bob is a very universal look and it works on almost all facial shapes. There are many variations to this look. Short is sassy. The bob is easy to style and it is a cute look for those who want to wear a soft fringe or bangs.

For women who have that extremely straight hair, Melanie Marquez says, “I would recommend loosening it up and make it fun.”

If you’re in the mood for fun, take the plunge and try that short cut you’ve been eyeing. Afterall, summer won’t last forever.

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