Crown Lengthening: What is it, and How Can it Help You?

Monday, May 20, 2019 | 5:22 am

If you have a cavity that extends below the gum, or a busted tooth that is broken all the way down, does that mean you have to lose the tooth? Not necessarily, because there is something called crown lengthening that can help you save that tooth.

The reason that crown lengthening exists, says Premier Dental Clinic’s Dr. Karineh Assatourian, is to restore a tooth where the gum may be blocking usual access.

The procedure is straightforward for an experienced dentist. First, a flap of the gum is lifted in order to expose the damaged tooth. Then, the bone height is reduced by a drill so that the cavity is displayed. The dentist may then fill the cavity with a resin or opt for another restorative procedure.

This will also work for a broken or fractured tooth, eliminating the need for the tooth to be fully removed and replaced with a fake one. In cases like this, your tooth will usually be restored with a crown as resin is usually not sufficient, says Dr. Assatourian.

Sometimes, you may notice a slight gap between your teeth and the gum. As long as it isn’t too big, the tissue will eventually fill in any spaces, leaving you with an even better smile than before.

So why is it called crown lengthening? Well, it’s simply because the crown of the tooth appears longer afterwards, says Dr. Assatourian.

And it’s not just used for restorative reasons. Occasionally, a person’s gum line just won’t look as nice as it possibly could. In other words, they have a ‘gummy’ smile. Crown lengthening at Premier Dental Clinic can also work for this by removing any excess gum tissue to leave the patient with a completely natural smile.

Innovations in dentistry mean that new procedures are being invented pretty regularly. With clinics like Premier Dental Clinic at the forefront, you are guaranteed to leave the dentist’s with a better smile than you could ever have dreamed of. And more importantly, no pain or discomfort.

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