Delicious Dining with Fleming’s Chef Mo Saho’s Creations

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 7:38 pm

In addition to Fleming’s diverse menu of steaks, seafood and other proteins, there is also a menu of Chef Creations. About every 60 days or so, Chef Mo Saho of Pasadena Fleming’s adds his own personal flair to a menu of starters, main dishes and sides called Chef Mo’s Table.

Looking to taste what Chef Mo had to offer, my companion and I paid a visit to Fleming’s Pasadena and concentrated on his special menu. With starters of Roasted Bone Marrow, Crab Louie Lettuce Cups and Beetroot Goat Cheese Salad we decided to try both the Crab Louie and the Beetroot Goat Cheese.

A delicious amalgam of fresh crab, green onion, celery, avocado, and pickled red onions, filled three individual lettuce cups. To make it a Louie a tart/sweet chili cream sauce topped the crab. I’m very fond of crab and I love a good Louie salad. This starter rang all the bells. The crab was plentiful and fresh with just the right amount of crunch from the celery and green onion. It wasn’t overburdened with mayonnaise or fillers, just a nice sweet crab salad with a delightful dressing.

The Beetroot Goat Cheese Salad was a riff on the Caprese with heirloom tomatoes arugula, basil oil and balsamic vinegar. The red juicy tomatoes blended beautifully with the tart-creamy goat cheese. I didn’t try the beets but my companion assured me they were delicious. The addition of the arugula was inspired adding a peppery bite to the salad. I also thought the basil oil was a delightful substitute for fresh basil.

Christened a “Small Plate” the Herbed Rack of Lamb was my companion’s choice for the main course. I was worried that maybe it wouldn’t be enough for him. I needn’t have. Six (yes that’s right) lamb chops was what was on this small plate. They were arranged beautifully, with a glistening sauce of rosemary-infused red wine reduction and roasted vegetables. Charred on the outside and pink on the inside, the lamb chops were tender and delicious.

My choice was the Snake River Farms Wagyu Medallions accompanied by agrodolce glazed shrimp and broccoli puree. The beef was sheer enjoyment with a tender bite and a crispy exterior. I loved the sweet/sour glaze on the charbroiled shrimp and the broccoli puree was rich with crème. An altogether delicious dish.

There was also a fish choice on the menu, Pan Seared Red Fish. It was hard for me to decide between the beef and fish because I love them both. The fish was accompanied by a pineapple jicama salsa and ginger lemongrass sauce.

We ordered both of the sides, Gruyere Cauliflower Bake and Lyonnaise Fingerling Potatoes. The cauliflower was luscious and the cheese sauce plentiful. That cheese sauce was so good, I dipped my steak in it. Heck I would probably dip almost anything in it. The Lyonnaise potatoes were also tasty with caramelized onions and smokey bacon. The potatoes were roasted, they also got dipped in the Gruyere cheese sauce.

Chef Mo’s special menu will be offered through the month of May so there is still time to get in on all the goodies.

Fleming’s Pasadena is located at 179 E. Colorado Boulevard. For more information or reservations call (626) 639-0490 or visit







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