Design a Solution – and Win the James Dyson Award

Monday, February 9, 2015 | 10:52 pm

Engineering undergraduates, product design students, and science wizzes, listen up. Here is your chance to make a significant contribution to society: Design something that solves a problem and you could win the coveted James Dyson Award, plus $45,000!

Hosted by James Dyson Foundation, Dyson’s charitable arm, the James Dyson award is an international design award open to young engineers and scientists who can develop problem-solving ideas. “Young people have the power to change the world through engineering. Each year the James Dyson Award sees truly remarkable solutions to real-life problems all approached from different angles. No problem is too big and the simplest solutions are the best—use the award as a stepping stone to take your invention towards commercialization,” said founder James Dyson.

Each entry has to demonstrate ingenuity, creativity, and sustainable engineering, and must be environmentally conscious.

Last year, international winner James Roberts of the United Kingdom won the award for his inflatable incubator made for the developing world. This invention provides the same performance as a $45,000 modern incubation system, but only costs $400 to manufacture, test, and transport. Other past winners include product designers who devised affordable bionic arms, LED rings for bike wheels, and gelatine food labels.

To join, students must submit evidence of prototypes along with stories about the design process and inspiration. The competition is open for entries from February 5th until July 2, 2015. Gizmodo’s Andrew Liszewski and Dyson’s design engineers will lead the panel of judges. Winners will be announced by James Dyson himself on November 10.

There will be an international winner who will grab the grand cash prize of $45,000 and an additional $7,500 will go to the student’s university. Two international runners-up will win $7,500 each, while the national winners will get $3,500 each.

The contest runs in 20 countries and is open to university-level students of product design, industrial design, and engineering. This year, students from Hong Kong and Taiwan are now eligible to join this prestigious competition.

This is your chance to develop a product that will change the lives of many and shape your future. Good luck!

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