Discover What Happy Hour Should Be Like at Granville’s Del Mar Bar

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 10:02 pm

On the roof of the spacious and open-concept Granville restaurant nestled in the heart of Pasadena’s South Lake District sits the new Del Mar Bar and exotic happy hour destination for locals.

Del Mar Bar is the latest concept created by the chefs and executive staff at the recently opened Granville Pasadena restaurant aimed at giving gin a new lease on life, in terms of flavors, while giving patrons creative control in the mixology of their custom concoctions.

“You’ll fall back in love with gin because you can drink it on the rocks, you can make it into a mix, and you can do anything with it. It doesn’t pigeonhole you into any category. The flavor profiles are extremely versatile,” explains Marc Dix, Food and Beverage Director at Granville.

Sitting on the patio of the Spanish-inspired Del Mar Bar premise feels more like the Mediterranean than the San Gabriel Valley and makes for the perfect pit stop to wet your whistle and with happy hour deals in tow.

But for the more adventurous adult beverage explorers, living the good life just got a little more creative with the design-your-own menu program.

The four-step step process is as easy as smooth as the gin.

“We always have a flower, an herb, and an aromatic.”

Dix admits that some newcomers may feel overwhelmed by the vast selections which is why he and his staff created three go-to recipes to play it exotically safe, he says.

“They’re of the flavor profiles that most people like.”

If Stop and Smell The Flowers, Beez Neez, Daytripper, or Pamplemousse sound intriguing, then you’re in the right place.

The Beez Neez has an impressively complex ingredient lineage where the organic honey used in the cocktail is harvested by bees a Vermont farm where they double down by also pollinating the juniper plants they are paired with.

“It’s not your everyday ingredients. You can taste the difference and the quality.”

Spritzers are the hot menu items this time of year, thanks to the aperitif and Prosecco combo that keeps your taste buds on edge and lively during the warm summer months and perfectly light to go with the shareable dishes that surpasses your typical bar food expectations.

Crowd favorites? Uptown mac and cheese, grilled cheese dippers, taco trios and the smoked salmon spread to name a few.

Currently, Del Mar Bar will be unveiling more seafood dishes in the coming weeks with ceviche and grilled octopus leading the way.

“There’s definitely something for everyone.”

Come As You Are Monday through Friday from 3pm-7pm to take full advantage of $5-$9 signature bites of Granville menu favorites, then wash it down with a glass of craft beer ($5), wine ($7) or a handcrafted cocktail ($7-$9).

Granville Pasadena is located at 270 South Lake Ave. Visit or call (626) 360-7633







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