Discretion Is Not Just Advised – It’s Required

Focusing on attentive care and extreme discretion, Trinity Aftercare is a luxury setting to recover in

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | 12:03 am

Erion Taylor, a nurse since 2008, used to work for a cosmetic surgeon in Arcadia. When the surgeon closed his practice, he gave Erion one valuable piece of advice that would later change her life: “Erion, do yourself a favor, don’t go work for anyone else. Go open your own aftercare.”

She did.

Now Taylor owns the premier aftercare facility in the San Gabriel Valley. Located inside the beautiful Langham Huntington, Trinity Aftercare provides concierge private duty nursing and facilitates pre- and post-operative needs to its patients.

“Generally, I serve patients who have had cosmetic procedures or elective procedures. That can be anything from a facelift to a tummy tuck,” says Taylor.

Their services are as impressive as their surroundings.  Trinity Aftercare picks patients up from the surgery center and takes them immediately to The Langham.  There, they quietly enter through a private back entrance to their room.

“It’s a standard hotel room, and right next to their standard hotel room is our nurses’ station. I have completely converted a hotel room into a fully functioning nurses’ station,” says Taylor.

“I have a on-site nurse there to cater to these patients 24/7,” Taylor explains.  “We do everything for them: administer their medication, take care of their bandages,” as well as any other sensitive medical procedures that the average care taker might not be able to complete.

Trinity Aftercare’s luxuriously Zen setting at the Langham allows the patients to relax completely and comfortably, and offers them a private sanctuary.  Discretion is important to Trinity Aftercare—“the hotel staff isn’t even allowed into those rooms. Just the nurse that’s working with the patient at that time,” Taylor assures.

Believe it or not, it’s not just the patient and their family who worry about after-care—the surgeon is also invested in making sure each patient is properly cared for while they are recovering.

“When patients are with us, they’re being cared for well and their surgeons can sleep at night because they know that they are in our care,” says Erion.

Trinity Aftercare is located at 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 585-6471 or visit http://trinityaftercare.com


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