Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Teal Pumpkin?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 | 10:26 pm

Food Allergy Research & Education Teal Pumpkin ProjectBetween the costumes and candy there are few things not to love about Halloween. But, if you or your child has food allergies Halloween can be an especially scary time of the year. Food allergies affect about one in thirteen children ranging from mild distress to life-threatening.

Food allergies are a year-round concern but are especially pertinent during Halloween. The fun-sized candies most people fill their baskets with are a potential problem because many miniature candies have different ingredients than their full-size counterparts. Some fun-sized candies don’t include full ingredient lists or labels.

So what can you do this Halloween to make sure kids with food allergies don’t miss out on all the fun?

1. Paint a pumpkin teal. This hue provides a lovely contrast to most orange-hued jack o’lanterns and is the official color of allergy awareness. Pumpkin painting is also a fun craft project for little munchkins.

2. Provide non-food treats for local goblins and ghouls to enjoy. Small toys like bubble wands, modeling clay and glow bracelets provide lasting fun for children with and without allergies.

3. Offer a wide selection of candies and know what you’re serving. Most candies contain nuts, milk, egg, soy or wheat, which are some of the most common allergens in children and adults. Popular treats like Malt Balls and Candy Corn are unsafe for many little tricksters but there are plenty of allergy-safe candies, like Skittles, to enjoy.

Halloween can be an especially scary time of the year if your child has food allergies. But allergies shouldn’t stop kids (or parents) from indulging their sweet tooth. Just make sure to check for potential food allergies before doling out or digging into treats. Happy trick-o-treating!

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