Don’t Worry Baby

Right Start has new parents covered

Friday, August 29, 2014 | 12:03 am

Right Start has a wide selection of baby needs.

There are two things Pasadena’s Lake Avenue has no shortage of—young couples with babies and baby shops. Right Start is a good example. According to store manager Jene Lande, a young couple with a new baby can find everything the new family needs, except baby food.

“We offer anywhere from newborns to 4 to 5 year old, in every category from cribs and nursery items, to your essentials for bathing, car seats, travel systems, high chairs that will be used for feeding essentials, safety, to safeguard your home, and for when that time comes that they are finally crawling.”

Need a stroller for the new one? There are strollers at Right Start for infants from newborns through 14 months.

The store also features convertible strollers, which means they face rear and they face forward, depending on the age of the baby.

There are infant toys, in categories by age, soft tangible, “touchy-feely” toys, and toys for older babies from six to 12 months, from a variety of manufacturers.

From nine to 12 months, toys become “on the go,” says Lande, like puzzles and learning blocks. From one to five years, there are the “ride on” toys; lots of wheeled contraptions, along with plenty of building and magnet toys.

In addition to selling baby items, the store also features in-store demonstrations from local vendors for the community.

“These are community afterhours events,” says Lande, “and we try to do them at least once a month. And it’s usually after hours so that people can get there.”

“We’ll have a stroller company come in, for example, and then we’ll have a company here for the swings and bath tubs,” says Lande. The store also hosts baby registry events every Saturday morning. All of its demonstrations and in-store events are listed on its website and Facebook pages.

And the most popular item at Right Start?

“I would say Sophie the giraffe, is one of our most popular,” says Lande, of the popular French teething toy. “It’s always on everybody’s baby registry.”

The store features a wide range of of rubber and silicon teethers, in fact, as the industry seems to be moving away from plastic varieties, says Lende.

What’s most important, she added, is that the store establishes a relationship with new parents, sending out newsletters their customers informed about new products. “We talk to them when they come in for the first time, and determine how old the baby is, its habits, and then try to make sure the parents are accommodated for all the various phases, as the baby grows.”

It’s not Target, says Lende, but thers isn’t much you won’t find here.

“We’re more like an edited version of what’s out in a big box store, and we offer one on one customer service as well,” Lende added.

“We don’t carry 40 strollers, but we carry a very selective line of all types of strollers. We’re an essentials ‘go to’  store.”




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