Everything You Wanted to Know About Floatation Therapy

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 | 9:50 pm

_MG_9749Three months ago, Pasadena became the center of the floatation universe. Float therapy lets you slip into a blissful state of selflessness in a private flat suite. Just Float offers eleven custom-built float rooms with over 1,300 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in 250 gallons of water and heated to 93.5 degrees. They also offer the only ADA accessible float tank in the country.

But how did this form of aquatic relaxation come to Pasadena? Co-founder, Jim, had his first float two and a half years ago with his wife in Orange County.

IMG_1379“I emerged from the float tank completely blown away and wondering why these things aren’t everywhere,” he said. Since then, Jim has had an estimated 170 floats and averages about two per week.

He recommends floating for overstimulated people and says that many pregnant women also enjoy it because they can hear both their own and their baby’s heartbeat.

“The rise and fall of your breath is one of the only things you can focus on in there,” said Jim.

IMG_9773The complete darkness and soundproof room lends a special kind of awareness and deep sense of relaxation. The water is heated to skin temperature so that floaters lose the perception of where their bodies end and where the water begins and the salty water makes floating an effortless experience.

“It promotes present moment awareness,” he said. Many people float to destress, center themselves, practice visualization and heal from injury. The floating fans leave notes and drawings of gratitude in a leather bound journal in the post-float lounge and will soon be able to record their post-float experience on video.

“Just like you exercise, eat right and call your mom, floating is just one of those things that makes you feel good,” he said.

Just Float is a novel experience that can be had at 76 N Hudson Ave #120, Pasadena. Call (818) 639-3572 or visit www.justfloat.com to book your own float.


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