Exhibit A: Move Away Cases

Friday, November 9, 2018 | 12:43 am

Sometime when people divorce, they will want a new start in a new location. But when children are involved, this can become difficult. Moving to another state, or even another country, is something that will require Casey-400pxdirection from the court. That’s when you’ll need an attorney who knows all the ins and outs for the move away rules in the State of California.

According to Attorney Donald P. Schweitzer, who is a Certified Family Law Specialist, and his Firm Partner, Casey Marticorena, also a Certified Family Law Specialist, have worked on many of these types of cases. They both know just how difficult it can be when one parent wants to move away and which will disrupt the lives of their ex-partners and children who might not want the same things.

In their Exhibit A podcast put together by his law firm, Attorney Schweitzer relates a story about a hypothetical situation, with one parent having moved to Southern California from another state. A new couple forms, falls in love, gets married, and has kids. Eventually, the marriage falls apart. For, legitimate reasons, the parent who was born and raised in another state, wants to go back and start fresh in a location, where they have a support base that could help make that happen more easily.

Let’s listen to this hypothetical and see what we learned:

As you heard from Attorney Marticorena, these cases can be the hardest because the outcome is black and white with little to no wiggle room to lighten the burden on the party the decision goes against. However, she also says the experienced attorneys, like those found at the Law Firm of Donald P. Schweitzer, will know how to prepare their client for the eventual outcome and help make those transitions, if not easier, better understood.

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