Fabulous Finds at the R.G Canning Flea Market

Thursday, May 5, 2016 | 8:21 pm

RG Canning Flea Market 2ndMake a statement with your style and find your next favorite piece at the R.G Canning Flea Market. Browse through hundreds of unique items and one-of-kind vintage items on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

As the largest of its kind on the West Coast, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is home to more 2,500 vendors of antiques, arts & crafts, as well as new and unusual products every second Sunday of the month. Hosting more than six hundred vendors in the vintage clothing area alone. A popular section in the early morning hours of daybreak – the market opens to eager shoppers at 5:00 a.m.

Although inventory changes every month, customers from around the world come to the Flea Market to purchase vintage merchandise in bulk, satisfying their own clients need to wear a piece of nostalgia. To showcase the vendors. latest wares, elegant black cocktail dresses, psychedelic print jackets, and other eye-grabbing items from different eras hang from vendor booths everywhere attracting buyers with personal shopping carts already over laden with vintage fashions. Vendors can range from vintage shop owners to rag vendors that sell to the same stores, but come to the Flea Market to sell directly to the consumer. Bargain-hunters ready to sift through piles of clothing neatly heaped into various sections are guaranteed to find a highly-prized vintage piece for pennies on the dollar.

Countless styles of original clothing dating as far back to the early 1900‘s can easily be mixed-and-matched to create fashionable style statements for today. Modern jeans paired with a turn-of-the-century men’s sleep shirt and circa 1960’s sunglasses a la Jackie O, can create a chic casual look. Wear the new Mahnolo Blahniks pumps with a classic 1970’s Halston black dress and make it glitter with a vintage necklace adorned with an owl pendant. Warm up a man’s winter wardrobe with a classic Navy pea coat and a 1930’s pocket watch to match, or perfect the rock-star look with a psychedelic 1970’s blazer worn over a vintage t-shirt that all of young Hollywood seems to be sporting today.

In addition to clothing, there is a treasure trove of accessories to discover. The Rose Bowl Flea Market carries several items that could be mainstay closet classics: wide Vintage Bakelite bracelets with intricate carvings and various colors; matching pearl Triplet sets to adorn the ears, arms and neck; a casual braided belt or a retro-style wide Black Mod belt to dress up simple jersey dresses. Little girls can also fill their dress-up Drawer with fun and affordable pieces such as: faux gems; delicate charm bracelets, Clip-on moon glow cluster earrings or a faux pearl choker.

Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market on the 2nd Sunday of every month, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Early bird admission starting at 5:00 a.m. For more information, contact Canning Attractions at (323) 560-7469 anytime or visit www.rgcshows.com.


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