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Monday, August 31, 2015 | 6:29 pm

A new season calls for a new look.  Fall is right around the corner.  School is starting and you want to make a new impression or maybe you just got an awesome new job and want to look as fabulous as you feel? A new hairstyle can be the icing on the cake to an amazing fall friendly look.

Of course, with every new season there are new styles to try.  What’s hot for this fall and how should you ask your stylist, like some of the great hair stylists at Orpheum on Lake Avenue, to create your new look?  We made a short list of some of the best styles to try this year.

Braids: Braids are all the rage this fall. This is one of the most versatile fun styles out there that you can play with time and time again. A simple French braid can pull off a classic look. You can add mini braids or just braid part of your hair to mix it up. Special night? A braided up-do can be just that special thing.

The Internet is teeming with new ways to braid your hair and many styles look very intricate but in reality are very easy to pull off.  Of course, if you just can’t pull it off yourself, your favorite stylist can help you create a special braided look.

Piecey Pixie: The pixie cut is one of those styles that keeps coming back. This year tell your stylist to give piece a chance. When the hair is pieced out it doesn’t look to thick on top. It especially helps with bangs so you can get the short haircut but still feel feminine.

Beach Babe: Summer may be over but your hair can give off the beach babe vibe all fall long. Let your stylist know that you want a haircut with longer layers. That allows you to tousle your hair with product to give it that air dried look you get after a long day catching rays. This style is versatile: you can wear your waves loose or put your hair up in a messy bun for a more professional look.

Flat Iron Curls: If you have straight hair or curly hair you can achieve the flat iron curl. This can work for chin length and longer hair. Explain to your stylist you need a cut that will allow you to achieve this look. A flat iron is all you need. If your hair has any curl or wave then you do need to flat iron it first. You then make thick curls with the straightener itself. This achieves a beautiful curl that is all the rage, especially with teenage girls.  Again, if you have trouble with these techniques even after watching a few YouTube videos, you can always ask your stylist to help you master the moves before you go home.

No matter what you choose, be sure it makes you feel comfortable.  Fall is sure to get off to a great fashion forward start with your great new look—and the help of a great stylist.

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