Fall & Winter Fashion Need Not Be Frigid & Frosty

Fall and winter conjures images of frosty and bleak landscapes. But despite the prevailing theme, fall and winter fashion need not be the same. It can be cool and wonderfully lush too.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 | 6:21 pm

Fall & Winter Fashion Need Not Be Frigid & Frosty

When it comes to fall and winter fashions, many think of dull black and white colors in bulky, unassuming outerwear. But as is the case in most things in life, it need not be.

OSKA has just released its Fall/Winter Collection and one look at what’s in store, you can tell that the days of dreary, icy fashion are gone.

Consider the following:

Why go out in dull black when you can go wonderful white with OSKA’s Blouse Dacina? Wonderfully simple and feminine, playful but restrained, the blouse is made of sporty blouse poplin with a collarless neckline. Front panels point to subtle highlights with a button panel that are slightly rounded to give a hint of rebelliousness.

Fall & Winter Fashion Need Not Be Frigid & Frosty

If white blouses aren’t your style, then you can go for the Pullover Ella. A simple and elegant pullover made from fine silk-cashmere blend, this piece can be worn throughout the entire season. Basic and versatile, this pullover can go with almost anything, giving you flexibility in a season that’s full of frigidity.

For something brighter, you can’t go wrong with OSKA’s Dress Dalida. Made with flowing viscose-poplin, this dress looks almost like a tunic and can brighten up even the gloomiest of autumn and winter days. With a varied layering that all women will enjoy, the dress’ seams are quilted and has sophisticated folds to give the wearer additional space for comfort.

Fall & Winter Fashion Need Not Be Frigid & Frosty

In cold weather, one cannot brave the elements with blouses, pullovers or dresses alone. Why not add a stylish and elegant Jacket Davina Leather to warm up? Made of dyed lambskin, this OSKA jacket has a casual and straight cut with a striking collar that can be positioned in varied and versatile ways. A zipper closes the jacket with a snap button at the top to give maximum protection from the elements, and two pockets to keep your hands warm make this jacket a comfortable piece for whatever winter throws at you.

Don’t forget to keep your head warm and dry too. With OSKA’s Cap Danique you can keep your top safe and snug while looking absolutely fabulous. Made of high-quality boiled wool in exclusive colors, this cap is fun to wear throughout the season. Rain or snow, the Cap Danique will protect you against the elements with a bit of fun with a dash of color.

Fall & Winter Fashion Need Not Be Frigid & Frosty

Finally, for that snug feeling, wrap your freezing neck in a delicate cashmere blend Scarf Elin to keep you warm and toasty. Available in exclusive colors, this scarf is flattering both indoors and out and is the perfect piece to round out your winter look.

These and more Fall/Winter pieces can be found at OSKA’s new season collection. So if you tire of the same dull and dreary looks whenever the winter winds come a’ blowing, OSKA adds a dash of color and style to help you weather the frost.

For more information about OSKA and to see the full Fall/Winter Collection, visit http://www.oska-pasadena.com. You can also call (626) 432-1729 for more details.

OSKA Pasadena is located at 13 Douglas Alley, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sundays, the store is open from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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