Family Law with a Personal Touch

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 | 7:24 pm

Adoptions, divorces and deaths are all stressful times in a person’s life which can be made worse by court battles and legal hassles. Family lawyers help people deal with the emotions and issues associated with these events so that they can continue with their lives.

“People need someone who understand them but who can also fight for their rights,” said Attorney Bichhanh (Hannah) Bui. She opened H Bui Law Firm in 2011.

Bui explains that many of her clients are unsure of custody and visitation rights after divorces. This is one area where laws and courts are changing. For example, clients should not assume that the mother automatically gets full custody.

“Every situation is different,” she said. “We help people understand this and let them know that they have their rights.”

Many of Bui’s clients come to her after attempting to represent themselves in divorce cases. They seek her help to create fair, workable arrangements. Bui feels that a large part of her job is to listen to clients and understand their needs so that they can arrive at the best outcome.

She adds that emotions tend to run high and she makes it a priority to make herself available to clients. These client relationships ensure that both parties leave satisfied. Bui adds that many clients stay in touch after settlements are finalized.

“It’s a very emotional time [in a client's life] and it’s great to see them progress and come out of it,” she said.

In addition to family law, Bui also works on will, trusts and pre-nuptial agreements. Since people are getting married later in life, pre-nuptial agreements have become more popular because they allow both parties to protect their assets.

She is also happy to consult with clients and offers a comprehensive FAQ section online. For more information on H Bui Law Firm visit or call (626) 683-7574. They are located at 3452 East Foothill Boulevard #1160.


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