Fighting for the Underdogs

Monday, February 2, 2015 | 10:17 pm

“I certainly like to fight for the underdog,” said lawyer Alexander Fuqua of Hoglin & Fuqua LLP. “That’s always been my goal: to fight for the person who has the biggest obstacles to overcome.”

Fuqua is an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles a variety of criminal cases, for clients accused of everything from petty thefts to sex crimes. He is known to pull out all the stops in defending his clients, giving them the attention they deserve and need.

Added Fuqua, “ I am passionate about criminal defense. I thought I wanted to become a prosecutor, but I changed my mind after my first law school internship. I interned for a criminal defense firm and after reading numerous police reports and working on several cases I knew I did not have the desire to actively put people in jail or prison.”

The most serious cases he’s handled are allegations of child molestation where his clients were facing life in prison. “I do handle every other type of criminal defense case. I’ve got a couple of drug cases in my case load, a couple of assaults, and I have a handful of sex cases,” he added.

Growing up in the Pasadena area, Fuqua went to undergrad at UC Irvine and then to law school in San Diego. For years, he worked in a prominent criminal defense firm where he gathered much of his knowledge and experience.

Fuqua has done practically everything in his field: trials, preliminary hearings, probation violation hearings, bail review arguments, sentencing hearings, expungement of convictions, and recalling arrest warrants. He also practice estate planning and probate. Although probate work can become tedious, he appreciates that those types of cases place him back in the courtroom.

Fuqua is extremely experienced in handling all facets of criminal cases, and he always makes sure he represents his clients the best way possible.

He said, “There’s one side which the prosecution sees and that comes from either the alleged victim or the police, and then there’s my client side and the way it works in criminal, my clients don’t necessarily speak up right away. I speak for them a lot and present their side of the story.”

Hoglin & Fuqua LLP is located at 2135 Huntington Drive Suite 104, San Marino. For more information, call (626) 407-2359.


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