Financial Services for the Everyman

Henderson Financial Solutions offers financial services from tax preparation to financial planning for the "little guys"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | 5:22 pm

The main thing that separates the rich from the poor is financial acumen.

Many big time names started out with just a dollar and hard work, and worked from there. While some of the financially challenged may have had more money to start with, yet still end up with nothing.

Which is where Henderson Financial Solutions come in.

What started out as a moonlighting gig for David Henderson, President and CEO of Henderson Financial Solutions, doing taxes to “make money faster,” Henderson soon “advanced it to financial services into Henderson Financial Solutions.”

Today, Henderson offers services that range from Individual services like doing credit reports, credit repair, income tax preparation, mortgage loans, and financial planning among others; to Small Business services like setup business corporations, tax preparation, bookkeeping, property management, resale license and more.

Looking to add more services in time, Henderson says, “I’m trying to be a one-stop shop where you could come and get any financial services through me.”

Though the company started as a means to earn, Henderson says that he has “come to find out it’s nice to help people out” as well.

Asked what the bulk of his business is about, Henderson tells us it’s tax preparation, though he also does loans and credit computation. But perhaps the most helpful of the services he currently offers is financial planning.

“I’m used to do planning and helping clients and with my affiliates. But yeah, they come for me, they call me if they need help and I’ll figure it out, and I’ll get somebody to help them,” says Henderson.

Henderson Financial Solutions’ number goal, according to Henderson is “to provide quality service at a good price. It’s the cheapest price but it’s going to be very good.”

Henderson Financial Solution, Inc. is located at 260 S. Los Robles, Suite 318.

To learn more how Henderson Financial Solutions can help, visit! or you can call (626) 744-9450. You can also email


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