Five Keen Observations from a Senior Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley

Thursday, December 8, 2016 | 7:13 pm

As a senior portfolio manager and financial advisor at Morgan Stanley with more than thirty years in the business, Thomas Murray knows how to build strong financial portfolios but his job involves more than just crunching numbers. We spoke with Murray about a few but important aspects of his career.

“We build relationships,” said Murray. “One of the biggest problems with our industry is that people don’t get to know their clients.”

To Murray, his career isn’t just about diversification and smart investment choices. He believes that lifestyle and legacy goals are key to building financial goals and developing a comprehensive wealth strategy. This includes finding out about a client’s retirement plans, real estate goals and life outside of work.

“We look at the entire picture of someone’s financial health – the life view,” he said.

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of his client’s portfolios, Murray also prides himself on the friendships and relationships he builds with his clients and their families. He is also active in the community and focuses his time on promoting education and working with at-risk youth. He volunteers in my community and the dollars I drive to organizations such as, Hathaway-Sycamore Foundation and the Pasadena Child Development Association.

“Yes, it’s a numbers business but it’s really a people business,” said Murray.

Murray describes himself as part of a new class of broker who focuses on lifetime goals such as, retirement and end of life planning as well as college education funds and asset management. He explains that education is a considerable expense for many families and he helps organize and manage wealth so that clients can send their children and grandchildren to the schools of their choosing.

“It’s my job to worry about the markets, not yours,” he said.

Murray compares his job with the captain of a ship – clients should know where they’re going but don’t have to worry about hitting an iceberg every day. He helps reassure clients through quarterly reviews and keeping communication open. He adds that the Morgan Stanley website and online portal are the best tools for clients to use when keeping track of their portfolios.

“The most important thing in this business is to have zero ego – use the best tools available to you and build a network,” said Murray.

He works with a team of trusted advisors, analysts, real estate agents and tax specialists to get a comprehensive picture of a client’s life and goals. He explains that it’s vital to keep communication open between real estate brokers and financial advisors so that the client can make the most of their wealth.

To learn more about your financial health contact Thomas by email at or by phone at (626) 304-2438.






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