For A Gleaming Smile, Professional Teeth Whitening is Always the Way Forward

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 | 7:46 pm

In years gone by, you would have no choice but to visit a professional for anything medical or dental. But nowadays, there are so many DIY options out there that the choice is a little less clear-cut. With teeth whitening, however, it’s always best to see a pro.

Lana Manibog of Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening, along with other experts in the field, tells us that buying a cheap teeth whitening kit that doesn’t take the health of your teeth into account is not the best idea. “Doing it yourself cannot only expose decay and strip the enamel from your teeth, but its weak formula might not even give you the white look you’d been hoping for,” she says.

Lana tells us that professional teeth whitening services offer a professional whitening treatment that begins with a meticulous check-up. This is to ensure that the whitening agent can be safely applied to your teeth. Although it is common to experience sensitivity, the dentist will ensure that your gums do not come into contact with the bleach or UV light to prevent any unnecessary irritation.

Many may not realize that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends no whitening treatment other than the one provided by a professional dentist. After all, dentists are the only professional specializing in giving you that Hollywood (and healthy) smile, and as that is their whole mission in life you should put more your trust in them for your teeth whitening sessions.

When doing something yourself, it’s easy not to follow the instructions. Like if you leave a tooth whitening agent on for too long, which can be painful, and damage your teeth. Lana at Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening uses a combination of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to blast away any surface stains (without that pain) and leave you feeling more confident than ever when you’ve seen the results.

You can have Lana and her team come to you almost anywhere, and the entire procedure only takes around an hour. You can book an appointment on your lunch break if you so choose and walk back into the office with a shining new glow that will get you noticed.

Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening will bend over backward to leave you with brighter whiter teeth. So don’t DIY it. Book your appointment with a professional. Lana is ready to serve you. All you need to do is decide and call them. Soon, you will have a smile fit for a king.

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