For Busy Pasadenans Emblush Beaute Salon Offers Hair Blowouts and Nail Services Under One Roof in Old Pasadena

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 | 12:51 pm

A new concept in the beauty business has come to Pasadena as Emblush Beaute, a salon that offers blowouts, nails, and makeup services all under one roof has opened in Old Pasadena.

Emblush had its grand opening last Saturday and is located at 62 N. Raymond Ave. in Pasadena

“We understand that life is fast-paced,” said Linda Tran who owns the salon with Diane and Tony. “That’s why we offer different beauty services at one location. Instead of going to a nail salon to do your nails, and then have to make another appointment at another location for your hair and/or makeup, why not just come to one place and do everything. We’re saving you time. ”

Tran said she, and the couple had been looking to put together a business where they could offer their expertise.

“Diane and Tony have been doing nails for quite a long time, over 10 years,” Tran said. “Tony used to have a nail salon in Wisconsin and last year they decided to move back home and closer to family.”

“We were talking about it and said, ‘Why don’t we partner up to open a nail salon?’” Tran said.

They searched different areas of Los Angeles, including in Echo Park and Silverlake, but she said nothing felt quite right.

“Then we went looking in Pasadena and found the Blo-Out Lounge,” she recalled. “The location has a blow out lounge already. The stylists decided they wanted to work with us, so we wanted to give this a shot. So we turned the salon to be a blow-out and nail service.”

The newly opened salon caters to all people, but in particular, the owners place value on customers’ time constraints today.

“We’re quite unique because our salon caters to every beauty need, from blowouts to pedicures,” Tran said. “We provide hairstyles, nails, and makeup services.”

Tran said the salon also specializes in nail arts, nail extensions, natural nail cares, hair up-dos, braiding, airbrush makeups, and glam makeups. The salon also offers bridal party services and special events.

Walk-ins are welcome but there is a website where customers can make appointments online.

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