4 Tips to Live a Toxic Free Life

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 | 11:42 pm

Many of us are trying to do the right things to lead healthy lives. We always wear our seatbelts. We exercise regularly. We don’t smoke and we try to eat healthy. In our modern world these things may not be enough.

Many chemicals that we are exposed to everyday may increase our risk of cancer. Unfortunately, when chemicals are tested for safety they are tested by themselves.

In today’s world rarely is one chemical used by itself, rather they combine with many other chemicals. It is that chemical interaction that has many of us concerned. One toxin maybe harmless but regular does of many toxins may be another issue all together.

1. Eat organic when possible. The pesticides on or in the food you consume are stored in your fatty tissue and organs. Tender flesh fruit like strawberries require lots of pesticides because they are close to the ground.

2. Give up plastic water bottles and canned foods. Bisphenol A is found in many plastic water bottles, in some cling wraps and in the lining of many can goods. This chemical can increase the risk of breast and prostate cancers. Try fresh or frozen vegetables in place of canned ones (they taste better too).

3. Leave your shoes at the door. Just think about the places you that you have walked through in a given day. Do you want to bring that in your home? Maybe you went to the grocery store. Not only did you walk through the store but you have to cross the parking lot too. Maybe while at the store you visited the restroom. Possible you walked across someone’s lawn laden with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The majority of dirt, pesticides and chemicals that come in our home, come in on our shoes.

4. Forego cologne or perfume. I like wearing perfume BUT most of the chemicals used in fragrances are chemicals compounds that come from petroleum and are carcinogens like benzene. Many perfumes and beauty product fragrances have been found to contain phthalates which have been shown to cause birth defects. Keep in mind that what is in a fragrance is a trademark secret and is not listed on the label. You don’t have to give up all perfumes there are wonderful perfumes made from natural oils that are not harmful.

Just a few simple changes in lifestyle can go a long way to living a more toxic free life!

Dr. Tina Paul, BCND, Traditional Naturopath, Vibrant Living Wellness Center, 144 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, (626) 470-7711 or visit www.vibrantlivingwc.com.

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