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Friday, September 4, 2015 | 7:38 pm

Going to a spa can be so relaxing. A nice soothing facial can be salve to both the skin and the mind. When you head home your skin is singing, your brow is un-furrowed and your smile is bright.

What about when you have medical skin issues? Do you have to forego the spa experience for a cold dermatologist’s office table?

There is a place where you can treat your medical skin conditions and it isn’t where you think. Parfaire Medical Aesthetics is changing the way you feel about getting help for your skin. Heather Koslosky is the head Aesthetician at Parfaire and she lets us in on how they are redefining your skin care experience.

A Silkpeel® machine for microdermabrasion is one of the wonderful treatments you can receive. “It exfoliates and then penetrates the solution [into the skin] at the same time in a non-surgical way. So there’s no pain involved, it really feels like a cat licking your face,” explains Heather. If you aren’t a cat lover then imagine a slow exfoliating massage.

The Silkpeel® treatment takes up about 20 minutes of your time, however the entire facial lasts an hour. So even though the medical-grade procedure is getting done, the focus is on pampering your skin and making you feel beautiful.

Heather goes on to talk about some of the other procedures they can do inside their spa. “I do a lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage with the facials. I also use medicated masks to treat different skin conditions such as dry or flaky skin or acne-prone skin.”

Heather is an expert when it comes to treating her patients right. “I want to bring that aura of relaxation to the facial even though you’re in a medical setting while at the same time being very effective in treating your condition.” An aura of relaxation is definitely a step up over a cold examination table.

“We can treat any skin condition,” assures Heather. “We can treat acne, we can treat extremely dry skin, rosacea, we can treat pigmented skin.
That’s a big one for people especially in Southern California. Lots of women have sunspots on their skin, that are very, very deep in the dermis, and women can’t treat them. We have a very special medicated solution that we are able to used to suppress that melanin production in the skin.”

That is wonderful news to any woman who is tired of going to visit the doctor and instead can finally treat herself to some pure spa bliss.

Parfaire Medical Aesthetics is located at 101 S. Madison Ave., Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 844-7273 or visit


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