Frighteningly Realistic Beyond Burger Launches at Veggie Grill

Monday, December 26, 2016 | 7:39 pm

What if you could get the look, taste, smell and texture of a beef burger without the negatives? Enter the Beyond Burger. This revolutionary meat alternative is Veggie Grill’s answer to your burger cravings.

The Beyond Burger encapsulates the experience of a beef burger to a startling degree – beet juice gives it a pink color while pea protein and coconut oils help create the meaty texture and smoky seasonings recreate the taste of meat. Beyond Meat created this imitation beef burger as a soy-free meat alternative that took over 7 years to perfect.

It’s served on a classic sesame bun piled high with grilled onions, melted American veggie cheese, tomato, crisp iceberg lettuce and a house-made signature sauce. This flavorful burger is reminiscent of your favorite fast food chain – complete with crispy fries.

“We chose such a traditional burger build because there’s so much familiarity associated with it – there’s a nostalgia to it,” said Leah Smith, Marketing VP for Veggie Grill.


For longtime vegans or vegetarians, the Beyond Burger may be a bit too realistic. As someone who has never eaten a beef burger, the experience did not sit well with me. But this marvel of food science is a big draw for new vegetarians or people who are nostalgic for meat. From a nutritional standpoint, it’s a viable alternative to beef with 20 grams of protein (the same amount in a beef patty) and no cholesterol.

Smith adds that the Beyond Burger has been a big draw for non-vegetarians. Whether it’s from curiosity to try the Beyond Burger or another plant based dish, or because they were being coerced by friends and family, many meat eaters find themselves enjoying Veggie Grill too.

“I love that non-vegetarian people come in here,” she said. “We’re not about proselytizing vegan food but showing that vegan food can be craveable and delicious.”


Since Veggie Grill isn’t locked into a specific type of cuisine, they can experiment with flavors from around the world like the Koreatown Tacos, Bombay Bowl and Banh Mi Salad (which is back by popular demand). She jokes that the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich is the ‘gateway drug’ to vegan food.

“Everyone goes on their own food journey,” said Smith.

Veggie Grill accommodates these preferences by being open to modifications or “menu hacks.” Some of Smith’s favorite hacks are ordering the Quinoa Power Salad with a side of Buffalo Chick’n Strips and topping the Quinoa Veggie Burger with Mac ‘n Cheese.

The Beyond Burger is only available at Veggie Grill and select Whole Foods. Veggie Grill is located at 200 South Lake Avenue. Call (626) 535-9561 or visit



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