Get Ready to Sweat at Pasadena’s Ultra-efficient Workout Studio

Monday, April 24, 2017 | 7:01 pm

If you think that getting a solid workout done in less than 45 minutes is the stuff of dreams, it’s time you heard about Basecamp.

Basecamp is a small Fitness studio with five locations throughout Southern California. Their workout combines one minute of mat, weight or TRX work with one minute on the air assault bike for a total of thirty cycles. This fast-paced workout changes every single day (but the format stays the same) so you’ll never get bored or overworked.

In a world of gimmicky fitness dads, Basecamp seems to have real staying power. Since opening in January the Pasadena location has 400 members and even more who drop in on classes.

“Every day is different so you’re always going to be challenged in a new way,” said Nick Andrade, Program Manager at Basecamp Pasadena.

In addition to its efficiency, the beauty of a Basecamp workout is how easily it can be personalized. Despite the large group setting, participants can consult with instructors to modify the workout with their fitness goals in mind.

Be sure to arrive on time, or earlier if you want to stretch, because each class makes the most of its 35 minutes. You’ll be split up into groups and follow along on the TV monitors for your rotation and a video demonstration of each move. Move quickly because someone will be waiting to take your place on the bike, TRX trainer or mat.

In between may work, you’ll bike. The instructors lead the class, offer advice and keep everyone’s heart rate and enthusiasm up. Even though the lighting pace doesn’t allow for chitchat, there’s a feeling community at the studio and Basecamp works to support the camaraderie with member events each month.

“Each studio is welcoming, encouraging and loves to celebrate…It’s about more than just the workout – it’s the community we create outside of the studio as well,” said Andrade.

Basecamp Pasadena is located at 36 South El Molino Avenue. Call (510) 999-2566 or visit


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