Get Running in the New Year

Friday, January 8, 2016 | 5:30 am

For most people, running is one of those things that they know they should do, resolve to do but never actually start. This classic exercise is a great way to get in shape and the only equipment you need is a great pair of shoes.

Unlike other shoes, running shoes are designed for three different arch types – low, medium and high. Getting fitted by arch type provides more support for your feet and more cushioning to prevent common injuries like shin splints. Getting fitted is key to ensuring the shoe fits. Mike from Run with Us explains that shoes can make all the difference in a comfortable run or a treadmill torture session.

He suggests using these shoes only for running to allow the memory foam insole time to bounce back or getting two pairs of shoes and alternating. Mike recommends replacing shoes every 500 miles.

Many common running problems such as blisters and shin splints can be prevented by a good pair of shoes and socks. Mike explains that running socks have flat toe seams and wick moisture – rather than absorb it- and also come in more precise sizes than normal socks.

The biggest mistake Mike sees beginners making is running too far, too fast. “It’s important to start slow. Do interval run-walks and increase about 10% each time…take shorter runs during the week and one longer run on weekends,” he said.

Mike suggests giving yourself three months to train for your first 5K and also incorporating cross-training into any workout plan. “It’s important to balance [activities],” he said.

As a final word of wisdom for new runners, Mike highlights the importance of reflective clothing. “Nowadays most shoes are reflective but wearing a vest is a good idea – it gives you 360 degrees of reflection,” said Mike. “Some people think wearing bright colors is enough but the cars don’t see you until it’s too late – wear reflectors and a flashing light to be seen.”

For all the runners just starting out, Mike suggests running with friends or a group. “We have the Pasadena Pacers [in-store running group] it just makes running a little bit more fun.”

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