Getting Dotty With It


Friday, January 17, 2014 | 5:48 pm

Can you have too many polka dots? Too many colors?Too many jeans? Why, of course not.

That’s why Annie Frank at OSKA is so excited about their new collection, a cornucopia of dots and colors.

“I think it’s very geometric even more so than normal,” she told Pasadena Now. There’s a lot of dots, polka dots in different ways, and geometric patterns on shirts. But we have polka dots in different ways and stripes in different ways that are color-coordinated to the outfits, or to the other pieces.”

Like the basic polka dot idea? OSKA has that down.

“Yeah,” says Annie,“There’s one that is regular polka dots, it’s called Gill. And then the other one with the big polka dots is called Gilan. Or there’s a dress called the Geraldine in that same polka dot, it’s great.” Annie clearly loves her dots.

And like the first blooms of spring, Annie tells us there’s gonna be a lot more coming.

As she explains, “Right now there’s not a lot of color in the store, but there’s going to be some indigo blue, that they call marine blue. There’s going to be a beautiful pink we call jelly pink. There’s going to be different shades of green, gorgeous green. We have one that’s like sort of a chartreuse color right now, but there’s going to be other greens, too.”

There is also Bamboo, which Annie describes as “like apple green.”

“It’s like chartreuse sort of, it’s really beautiful,” she said.

“I think that this might be the best season ever for OSKA,” Annie tells us. “The shapes are amazing and the colors are gorgeous.”

And we are just getting our pants on, so to speak.

“People come in here and say,‘What new pants do you have?’says Annie.“They sort of collect them, like people collect frogs or people collect perfume bottles or something, people collect our pants.

“And for the first time ever, we have fabulous stretch blue jeans that sort of look like the 501 Levi’s jeans,” says Annie. “We’re selling them like crazy. So we have it right now in marine blue, white, light gray and a dirty pink color. It’s like over-washed and that’s coming in more colors too. It’s great!”

Colors. Dots. Collectable jeans. It’s going to be a beautiful season.

OSKA is at 13 Douglas Alley, Pasadena. (626) 432-1729.


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