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Pasadena Weight Loss Center is hosting a seminar about sleep and how getting more of it can help shed pounds

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 | 1:49 am

We all know that a lack of sleep can not only cause some immediate negative effects (have you ever shown up at work wearing two different shoes because of a bad night’s sleep?) but also some more serious effects after long term sleep deprivation.

Did you know that one of those effects is potentially weight gain? While every body is different, for some people losing out on sleep on a regular basis makes it harder to lose weight.

If you get less than 7 hours of sleep a day, feel tired even after sleeping or napping, and you’ve been gaining weight, Dr. Matar from the Pasadena Weight Loss Center may have some interesting insights that could break you out of your cycle. Even if you’re not wholly concerned about weight gain, this seminar can help those with insomnia.

“Scientists have shown that sleep controls appetite,” divulges Dr. Matar. “More specifically it is now known that the sleep deprived tend to eat more simple sugars and carbohydrates – to the tune of 1000 additional calories per day. In fact, the basic observation was that people tend to replace sufficient sleep with calorie dense food choices.”

Attendees can expect to learn about what happens to your body when it is deprived of sleep, how and why your body burns calories while sleeping, the relationship between sleep and your diet, as well as tips on how to sleep better, longer. All participants will also receive a sleep evaluation that will help determine the cause their sleeping problems to better help alleviate them.

Dr. Matar also plans to speak about how technology affects our sleeping patterns and provide useful solutions to help prevent screens from disrupting our sleep.

The seminar will be held on February 24th starting at 6:30 p.m. and will feature a dinner suitable for all diets (we hear there will be banana ice cream with cinnamon, which sounds a little too sweet to be healthy but we’ll trust the experts). To RSVP, visit the event page here. [–learn-022415]

The Pasadena Weight Loss Center is located at 774 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena. For more information, please call (626) 844-4686 or visit

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