Have a Mini Christmas Everyone

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | 9:33 pm

If you have some family or friends that you would like to make a unique gift for that will be easy, fun, and, most importantly, appreciated then why not make them a mini-bar as one of those great stocking stuffers?

Who wouldn’t like to get a few sips of liquor on the holiday to help with the digestion of those old stories about the days of yore or Uncle John teasing the kids and animals while he drinks up all the eggnog. That’s why this is one of those perfect gifts that everyone will love, and when you stock it with top quality minis of spirits made by Stark Spirits Distillery, it will be a present looked forward to every year after.

To start, buy some square glass jars with hinged glass lids like these. Each bottle holds 50ML, which is 1.7OZ, so buy the size jar that holds the amount you want to use. Then decorate the jars any way you like to get them ready for the holiday. Here are a few examples:

Once you have your jars all made up, then stock them with some great liquor. This will be easy if you buy some Stark Spirits Distillery Minis. They come in different types and you can choose from:

• California Silver Rum
• California Gold Rum
• California Silver 151 Rum
• Sunshine Orange Brandy
• Skyline Gin
• Traditional Aquavit

Buy a variety and enough to fill all the jars you are making for all the people you want to help through the holidays with cheer and goodwill. Then stock those jars with as many bottles as they hold and clamp the lid. Be sure it has a silicon seal, not a rubber seal. There you have it, you have the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

Let Stark Spirits Distillery make your holidays great. Stock up on all their great flavors. Everyone will appreciate your festive suggestions when they find that you have provided all the ingredients they need to enjoy the spirits of the holidays with family and friends.

Stark Spirits Distillery is located at 1260 Lincoln Ave #1100, in Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 798-1377 or schedule a visit online at starkspirits.com.







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