Helping Pasadenans In More Ways Than One

Realtor Darrell Done tells us about local philanthropy Young & Healthy’s newest program

Monday, June 8, 2015 | 8:46 pm

Darrell Done is one of Pasadena’s most reliable realtors—he has the expertise, track record, and resources to meet your real estate needs and goals. He knows his way around Pasadena, so he can easily find the right home for you or the right buyer for your home. Needless to say, Done’s real estate skills and successes are off the charts.

But did you know that apart from being a kick-butt realtor, Done is also a giving and big-hearted philanthropist? He is the Board President of Young & Healthy, an organization that aims to provide uninsured and underserved children and families access to high-quality healthcare. Done has long been involved with Young & Healthy’s projects and programs that help improve the quality of life for children in the greater Pasadena area.

As Young & Healthy is celebrating its Silver Jubilee, Darrell is doubling his efforts to champion the cause.

“Today, just as 25 years ago, parents still struggle to pay for medical procedures, even with insurance.  Insurance coverage for most of these working poor is very basic and often times does not cover medical issues or procedures required to address specific maladies. Even as health care reform evolves, Young & Healthy continues to play a pivotal role in moving children in our community towards good health,” says Done.

According to Done, even learning the insurance terminology remains a struggle for parents who have never had insurance. That’s why Young & Healthy has added a new service which includes education services and even assistance filling out applications for parents who are having a hard time wading through the process (which, face it, applies to just about anyone—this stuff isn’t easy).

Now how can you help Darrell and Young & Healthy help these children? There are a number of ways to get involved. You can be a professional volunteer, community volunteer, or donate.

Done says Young & Healthy is rolling out a new campaign called “33 for 33,” where you can easily help 33 percent of the children in the Pasadena community who still need medical and financial assistance. For as little as a $33 pledge, you can make a difference in a child’s life.

To learn more about Young & Healthy, offer your volunteer services, or donate, call (626) 795-5166 or visit

Darrell Done is located at 388 South Lake Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 354-3551 or visit

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