Hoglin & Fuqua Turns One

Monday, June 1, 2015 | 9:52 pm

Hoglin & Fuqua, LLP, a small law firm that specializes in criminal defense, family law, employment law, and estate planning, just celebrated its one year anniversary this month.

A licensed attorney in California since 2008, Christopher Hoglin paired up with Alexander Fuqua last May to build this firm. Even if the firm is only one year old, it has gained an excellent reputation and grown its clientele. In fact, Hoglin reports the team had to upgrade offices back in November, 2014.

At Hoglin & Fuqua, the work is divided amongst the three resident lawyers. Fuqua handles the firm’s criminal defense and estate planning practice.

“Criminal and family law are still my primary areas of practice. I do a lot of divorce cases dealing with child custody and child support issues, property division—things that most people will encounter [at some point]. Associate Sebastian Davies and I do civil litigation. Sebastian’s primary area is dealing with employment law,” Hoglin continues.

Because the firm specializes in criminal practice, the lawyers travel around the entire state of California. And one benefit their clients get when they hire Hoglin & Fuqua is that the lawyers, locals themselves, know how things are run in their area.

“One of the biggest benefits our clients tend to get when they hire us—especially if it it’s a local case, since we’re in court so often—we tend to know who most of the DAs who will be handling the case. It’s not that they do us favors or anything, but we know their practice styles,” Hoglin says.

Hoglin & Fuqua provide experienced and cost-effective representation, plus local knowledge on courts and prosecutors that proves to be beneficial in the long run. This solid foundation is the reason we foresee Hoglin & Fuqua celebrating more anniversaries in the future.

Hoglin & Fuqua LLP is located at 2135 Huntington Drive Suite 104, San Marino. For more information, call (626) 407-2359 or visit www.hoglinfuqua.com.


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