Home Buying Advice for Young Couples

Monday, September 12, 2016 | 8:44 pm

For most married couples, the pinnacle of success is becoming homeowners. A home is typically the most expensive purchase any person will make in their lifetime. As such, it is important to adequately research, become informed, and seek out a professional, when considering purchasing a home. We spoke with Daniel Villarreal, of Berkshire Hathaway Pasadena, to get his tips on how to find the perfect home.

The first step in shopping for a home is to determine what one’s priorities are. The size and design of a home is a common and very important priority for homebuyers. Those with larger families, may want a home with more space allocated to common areas and plenty of bathrooms. Single people or couples, may prefer oversized bedrooms and smaller common areas with less yard space.

Even more importantly, is the neighborhood in which the home is located. The common phrase, “location, location, location!”, is commonly spoken in the real estate community, as a way to highlight a home’s most important quality. For some people, a neighborhood with short commutes to work, or proximity to good schools is a major selling point. For others, “up and coming” areas that offer potentially high returns on investment, may be the deciding factor. Everyone’s priorities will be different, and it’s of utmost importance that both the agent and buyer clearly understand what these priorities are. Those who don’t know may find it helpful to sit down with their agent and create a list of “wants” versus “needs”, in order to identify priorities.

In addition to researching the ideal home, a prospective buyer should hire a Realtor to help them with their search. Realtors are professionals who abide by a code of ethics and certain standards of practice, set forth by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Realtors have knowledge about their marketplaces that can help the customer make prudent and informed decisions, potentially saving them thousands of dollars during negotiations. In addition, it is important to note that sellers are responsible for paying commissions to both agents. In other words, hiring a Realtor is completely free for those looking to buy property.

Daniel Villarreal is a member of Berkshire Hathaway you can contact him at (626) 394-1040, email at Dvillarreal@bhhscal.com or visit him on the web at DanielVillarrealProperties.com.


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