“Hope” for the Holidays

Monday, November 17, 2014 | 10:43 pm

As what seems to be the busiest month of the year approaches, it’s easy to be consumed in plans and details, and to overlook the most meaningful elements of the season.

Chef Tony of Hope Catering both understands and wants to help.

For groups of 10 or more, Hope Catering can help take the weight off your shoulders and prepare your holiday feasts for you.  From company events to family gatherings, Hope Catering can handle it.

“We prepare everything from scratch,” says the Chef.  “We deliver direct to you or you can stop by our Pasadena location and pick up as well.”

Their fresh ingredients and well run kitchen are only part of what makes Hope Catering so special.  While their business is to put their customer’s minds at ease by covering the cooking, their passion is delivering hope.

“We want to challenge each and every one of you readers to contemplate “H.O.P.E” for the Holidays and take the challenge,” charged Chef Tony.  “For us H.O.P.E stands for Helping-Out-People-Everyday!  Seems easy enough on the surface, but truly against our nature or at least mine.”

Whatever the act (he suggests anything from helping your favorite non-profit like Door of Hope or even just putting your shopping cart back), Chef Tony has a challenge for you: “Don’t tell anyone what you did, no boasting allowed.”  What’s more– he wants you do one act a day, every day, for 60 days.

Instead of bragging, he suggests writing down your acts of kindness for yourself to reflect upon.  And if you do want to share, the Chef wants to  hear– but he won’t be publicizing anyone’s names.

“The idea here is to do a selfless act, even just one can have an impact,” he emphasized.

We’d love to hear about yourselves acts, too!  If you’ve witnessed an act of kindness, leave us a comment.  If you want to share your own, send us an email (no names, please!) to our Lifestyle’s editor at meganh@pasadenanowmagazine.com.  We’d love to hear how you took on Chef Tony’s challenge and we’re sure he would, too.

Hope Cafe and Catering is located at 2094 E. Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena. For more information or to quote your next event call them at (626) 449-8757 or visit their website at www.hopecafeandcatering.com

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