How Do You Know When You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Thursday, August 30, 2018 | 11:30 pm

How does one know when the right time for a tooth extraction may be? And more importantly, what does the procedure involve? Here are some answers.

Although things like tooth decay can result in a tooth being removed completely, dentists will usually try to assuage the problem in some other way before taking such a drastic move. However, the most common tooth extraction involves wisdom teeth, says Premier Dental Clinic’s Dr. Karineh Assatourian.

Most people who have developed wisdom teeth will know about it. Often the root of the wisdom teeth have an awkward angulation due to lack of space therefore pushing the other teeth around causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes this will even create tooth decay on the adjacent teeth.

Anything that looks like it will cause a major problem is ripe for removal, explains Dr. Assatourian. Sometimes, a dentist will choose to remove multiple teeth at once. Sometimes, you may only need one tooth extracted.

No matter how many teeth are being taken out, the procedure is exactly the same. Anesthetic will be given to minimize any pain. Your dentist will then cut open the gum tissue around the affected tooth or teeth so that he or she can grip the tooth and loosen it with some firm wiggling action until it gets dislodged. If the tooth is too tight, it may need to be sectioned in order to be extracted.

You may feel a little tugging, says Dr. Assatourian, but the entire process is pain-free and pretty quick. Some people may require sutures to close up the wound. Others may not. It’s also common to experience soreness and some bleeding after. If anything becomes too intense, contact your dentist.

Regular visits to Premier Dental Clinic can give your dentist the chance to check for teeth that may cause an issue later on. The quicker they are able to notice something, the less pain you will be in further down the line.

Tooth extractions may sound scary but with today’s technology, the procedure is easy peasy.

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